The Variant Effect: Painkiller – G. Wells Taylor

The Variant Effect: Painkiller – G. Wells Taylor

“So Borland’s plan was to drink the Listerine, get ready to experience the full pain and panic of having his belly muscles cut open, then do something violent and reckless that would likely get him shot. Perfect. His fellow veteran, Captain Hyde, would recognize the little Borland touches.”

Now if that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what to do. That’s what I saw when I opened up my email, and of course I wanted to read more.

A while back I posted some info about The Variant Effect, a free eBook that author G. Wells Taylor was offering up on his site. Well it seems Mr. Taylor has been busy and has finished a sequel to the novel entitled Painkiller. I am a huge proponent of the eBook and online serial format movement, and I think it is definitely underutilized. David Wellington, one of my favorite authors started out by posting in a serial format, and look at him now. With that being said, I encourage all of you to head over to Taylor’s site and check out both The Variant Effect, and Painkiller. You really have no reason not to. They’re both free. Yup. That’s right. Free. How awesome is that?

Go check them both out at

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