The Variant Effect – G. Wells Taylor

The Variant Effect – G. Wells Taylor

We received a press release from Taylor himself with some pretty awesome information. First off, his serial The Variant Effect has been completed and published. The story ran from September 2009, until June 2010 and was broken up into seven pieces that have now been combined into a novel. What’s even cooler, is that Taylor is offering a free copy of the story in eBook format! That’s right, everyone can get one free copy, for any eBook format.

The press release included a synopsis:

“The old building in a rundown part of town was a perfect place to find a body, but Joe Borland knows they’d never have dragged him out of retirement if it still had its skin. It’s been twenty years since Borland battled the Variant Effect, and twenty since he let his partner get skinned alive. Now they are ordered back into action to meet a terrifying new threat.”

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty awesome to me. I have already downloaded my copy, and as soon as I find an efficient way of reading it (reading a novel on my smart phone seems like it would cause my head to explode) I will post up a review. To be honest, I may just pay the money for a paperback copy. Taylor also has several other novels up for sale in both paperback and eBook formats. If you’re interested, check out the website: Skin Eaters

If you are a fan of sci/fi horror, head on over to the website and check out the titles listed there. It’s never a bad thing to support lesser known authors, especially when they’re nice enough to give out their work for free.

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