The Shake Up in Saskatchenwan: Pt. 2 – Silver Linings for the Silver Screen

The Shake Up in Saskatchenwan: Pt. 2 – Silver Linings for the Silver Screen

The recent brouhaha over the Dark Bridges Film Festival’s double feature of Dead Hooker In A Trunk & The Taint has sadly escalated. The Roxy Theatre has decided not to showcase these films and has even gone so far as to pull Jason Eisener’s Hobo With A Shotgun as previously predicted.

Festival Director John Allison has released a statement regarding these recent events via the Dark Bridges’ website:

We are sad to announce that Dark Bridges was informed that we would not be allowed to screen Dead Hooker in a Trunk and The Taint. The Roxy Theatre and Magic Lantern Theatres (the parent company) received multiple complaints about our poster for the event and the title (not the movie itself) Dead Hooker in a Trunk. We do not begrudge Magic Lantern nor The Roxy for making this decision as it is a business decision and a privately owned business but we do wish to see these films as well as other films which challenge people and as such we will be looking into setting up a screening at a different venue.

We are sorry to the people that we have offended with our poster but we do feel that you are wrong and that you must look at the poster and movies overall as a whole. Simply focusing on the fact that the poster contains the words “Kill Women” on it does not mean that the poster is telling everyone that they should go out and kill all women, just as the poster for KILL BILL does not tell everyone to go out and kill everyone named Bill. The movie is about men who drink tainted water and they then become monsters who are driven to kill women. The movie is violent and yes women are killed in the movie but just as many if not more men are and just as violently. These movies are grindhouse movies and they are satires. For those who do not know what a satire is, it is a style of film, story or book that pokes holes and makes us question our beliefs about things. Dark Bridges will never program a movie that actively promotes violence nor any movie that is created by means of violence. All actors involved within this film were there by their own free will and as far as we know none of them were hurt in anyway.

For those people who wanted a movie removed because of a title, you should not make judgements on something without knowing all the facts. I talked with the Soska Sisters who are the film makers. They are two women who live in Vancouver. They have shown the movie to various festivals and have even screened the film in their family’s church. Yes you have the right to be offended by something but you do not have the right to say people cannot watch something that is legally their right to watch.

For the people who ripped down our posters we feel that you need to learn what free speech is and that you did in fact break the law by ripping down our posters. If we knew who you were we would report you to the police. If you are unhappy with us and with the theatre and audience feel free to let your voices be heard. Show up outside our screenings, engage us in discussion, let us know why we are wrong to like what we like but do not simply censor us. You are the reason why we broke off discussion with the protesters. You felt it was in your right for us to not have a say so why should we then bother to talk to you.

As for the future of the festival we are going to be working with the various theatres in town to make sure that we can continue to bring interesting and cool films of all genres and styles to Saskatoon. We do hope to continue our partnership with all the film makers and theatres in Saskatoon and we continue to love and support all our theatres here in the city.

We are currently looking at alternative venues as we feel these movies have an audience and that they deserve to be seen and recognized.

John Allison has shared that a new prospective venue for the Dark Bridges Film Festival may be the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, SK and will tentatively be scheduled to run from September 29th until October 2nd. For those still hoping to see the double feature of Dead Hooker In A Trunk & The Taint, both these films will be screened at 11:30pm on April 22nd at the Broadway Theatre. A 35mm print of Hobo With A Shotgun will be screened at Broadway Theatre at a midnight showing April 30th. 

Brighter news also comes in the form of an “Exploitation Celebration” showcasing a double feature screening of Unholy Rollers & Dead Hooker In A Trunk at the Peoria Theater April 23rd in Peoria, IL. To entice you along for this wild ride are drink specials, door prizes, and even zombie roller girls for only $10!

And to excite you even further, the Soska Sisters have released the official teaser poster for their highly anticipated 2nd feature American Mary.

Show your support by visiting, where you can purchase the film and other fine goods, and visit to keep up to date on all the latest developments and screenings from Jen & Sylvia Soska. Find more Hobo With A Shotgun goodies at Jason Eisener’s Tumblr blog, Welcome To Fuck Town.

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