The SEASON FINALE of American Horror Story Asylum!

The SEASON FINALE of American Horror Story Asylum!

Interviews, donut delivering killers and a fitting end, all in this week’s, and the final episode of the season, American Horror Story Asylum.


Johnny is shown in present day committing the atrocities against the Lovers from the first few episodes.


Lana is being interviewed for a TV special. Johnny is hiding out as the crewmember that brought the donuts. And we finally get to find out what happened to all those lost souls and untied loose ends.


In a flashback, Lana is shown filming the expose that brought down Briarcliff. She finds Jude, and all is well. But she says that’s not the real story. Jude was already gone. Kit saved her years before. Briarcliff is shut down however, and all is well.


Lana goes to visit Kit to find out what really happened to Jude. He visited her over time, and eventually brought her to his home. She helped with the children, and the children helped with her. Seeing the connections she makes with the children is a real tearjerker moment. She dies, as the Angel of Death comes to take her. She is ready to go. We find out that when Kit was about 40, he developed pancreatic cancer, and one day just disappeared. The aliens took back their experiment. Julia, his daughter, grows up to be a neurosurgeon, and Thomas his son becomes a Law professor.


Lana also confesses during the interview that the baby she said died in childbirth was still alive, and that she visited him as a child, but only once.


As for Cardinal Howard, during Lana’s expose on Briarcliff she finds the history of Dr Arden’s human experiments and tries to talk to Howard about the travesties. Distraught with guilt, he slits his wrists.


The interview ends and Lana tells Johnny he can come out of hiding. She knows who he is because some detectives visit her and ask her about some recent murders. However, she tells him she recognizes her “baby boy.” After threatening her with a gun, she convinces him to put the gun down. He will never live up to his father’s name. Because he isn’t evil. And it wasn’t Thredson’s fault. It was hers. And she shoots him in the head.


Cut back to the beginning of the series. Sister Jude tells Lana that if you stare into the face of evil, evil will stare back. Lana grins.


Lana’s own greed for recognition and pride for herself made her do some pretty terrible things to achieve.


So it’s all over. The end of Asylum. What are your thoughts? I thought that everything wrapped up pretty nicely at the end there, aside from some bumps and loose ends throughout the season. I genuinely cared for people I never thought I’d worry about.


The season may be over, but the series is far from done! A third season has been announced! Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and Taissa Farmiga from season 1 have all signed on. Stay tuned, as I’ll be providing as many updates as I can throughout the year!

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