The Return of Film Terrorism: Trailer for “Enter The Void”

The Return of Film Terrorism: Trailer for “Enter The Void”

entervoidIIIIf you say the name Gaspar Noe, you’ll undoubtedly get a strong reaction from the individual you’re speaking with.  While he’s not necessarily considered a “genre film maker”  it’s hard to deny the man’s ability to assault his audience with some of the nastiest narratives in modern history.  His film Irreversible attracted many-a horror/exploitation fans with its unflinching shots of graphic violence.  The misery his characters often revel in, towers over the darkness of any horror film made in the last 10 years. 

So, it’s with a big, fat, evil grin that I am writing this article.  Noe’s next feature, Enter The Void has completed its festival run and is making appearances at some of the cooler theatres in the states.  Last word was that IFC had acquired the rights to the film prior to its Sundance premiere earlier this year.  Per usual, the film is a story of human flaw, violence, deceit, and the dealings of life and death.  The story revolves around a brother and sister, living in Japan.  The young man has found employ as a drug dealer, resulting in the siblings interacting with some of the least desirable people.  In typical Noe form, the film cuts back and forth, sideways, and every direction in between.  But you’ll find yourself enthralled by the dizzying chaos as the story unfolds. 

The film is slated for a September 17th release and will no doubt continue to burn a path all the way to its release date.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gaspar Noe’s work,  seek out his previous films Irreversible and I Stand Alone.  See what all the fuss is about, see what everyone is always going crazy over.  Noe’s name has come up on The Blood Sprayer on several occasions and with good reason:  He’s our kind of psychopath.  Check out the trailer for Enter The Void, then add his other films to your Netflix queue.  You can thank us later…

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