The Real Battle Has Just Begun: Team Argento or Team Fulci? Yes, There’s A Shirt For That!

The Real Battle Has Just Begun: Team Argento or Team Fulci? Yes, There’s A Shirt For That!

I find Mike Baronas to be an inventive and dedicated man. And in fact when I heard whispers of this idea from him, I was only jealous that I hadn’t thought of it first. Two shirts, each representing two equal but decisive camps; a team for Dario Argento and one for Lucio Fulci.

Team Argento vs Team Fulci is an idea that Mike Baronas has been mulling around for years. And he’d be someone on the forefront of that battle. He is the man behind Paura Productions, who focuses on bringing stars of Italian Horror cinema to conventions and events. In addition he is the man who made the documentary, Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered. You can find out more about it and experience an interview with the man himself here.

The premise behind these two shirts is quite simple; most fans of Italian Horror cinema find themselves to be fans of both of the legendary directors. Just as all of the hopeless Twi-hards find themselves loving both but on opposite sides of the tear-filled ocean with their love for two Teams of those who shall not be named.

The shirts were envisioned by Baronas and designed by Jill of LixOnline (ie. that beautiful blond who is always hula hooping at Horror Cons). Pre-Orders have begun at the Paura Productions website, and will be shipped August 11 or sooner! Plus they will be available at Conventions near you. I would assume at the LixOnline table as well as any spot where you find Paura clients!

Check out the front and back of these conversation starters!

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6 Responses to “The Real Battle Has Just Begun: Team Argento or Team Fulci? Yes, There’s A Shirt For That!”

  1. Its really difficult to take sides on this matter because I really don’t see these two directors as combatants on any level. Maybe their giallo films but that wouldn’t be fair to Fulci! Argento is the better filmmaker using texture and color (as well as a keen sense of psychopathology) to his advantage while Fulci was more intent on viscera and the shock treatment. Both directors are/were prolific at what they do/did.

    Personally, I’d have to side with Fulci. He was just my favorite italian director of all the spaghetti splatter/giallo gents.

    Now that that’s at ease, I’d like to see some real arch-nemesis battles…maybe you can turn this into an ongoing column KJ!

    Next up….


  2. Ha no I don’t think it would be an ongoing column lol. But I will say if you name one person on this whole Earth that is on Team Russo as opposed to Team Romero and I will gladly decapitate myself…

    • haha yeah I would personally kick them in the nards myself. I personally cannot stand the Return of the Living Dead franchise…but I’ve met people who absolutely loathe Romero and hail RotLD as the better zombie films made. Maybe its because they are 1 dimensional and can’t adhere to the smart filmmaking and politics that Romero injects into his material…that or they like talking zombies with a penchant for rock and roll…*shrugs* Russo totally clown-showed the zombie.

  3. Even though I love both directors, I’ve always felt that Fulci’s work was cheesey gore that somehow fell under the umbrella of art films, simply because it is Italian. Argento on the other hand is able to manipulate his viewers with his unique use of framing, color, and texture.

    I have to admit that feeding a shark a bunch of horse meat and tranquilizers, then convincing some lunatic to jump in it’s tank and fight it, is pretty fucking brilliant. If only Fucli’s entire career was as awesome as that single scene.

    +1 for Team Argento.

  4. Um, I wouldn’t go that far dammit! Russo is a cock, but O’Bannon is one of my heroes! If you mess with ROTLD (the first one anyways) you are messing with me! I wasn’t thinking of series, i was just thinking of how Russo is just a moneygrubber who couldn’t move on after the NOTLD debacle. Besides Russo didn’t direct ANY of the ROTLD series, his name was on it, but he didn’t write and direct them like Romero did. I love you but your argument is INVALID. I hope you get what I’m saying…. πŸ™‚

  5. Tough call, but where’s the choice for Team Bava? πŸ˜€

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