The Latest in the World of Indie Horror

The Latest in the World of Indie Horror

Fallback Plan Productions has released the official trailer for their inaugural feature film ABSENTIA, starring Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, and Doug Jones.

Written and directed by Mike Flanagan, Absentia has begun its tour of 2011 Film Festival Circuit. Absentia tells the story of two sisters who begin to suspect an ominous tunnel is linked to a series of disappearances in the neighborhood.

Writer/Director Sage Bannick will be touring THE ABSENT along the West Coast in select theaters. The film will be available On Demand nationwide followed by a DVD release on March 15 and International release by Galloping Films.

The thriller/horror film is produced by Chris Siverston (I Know Who Killed Me) and Executive Produced by Mike Josten (Night of the Demons). The Absent centers on Vincent, a high school teacher forced to choose between career and a love affair with Katie, one of his students. The pressure mounts when his twin brother, Oscar, returns to town after serving 25 years in jail for killing their parents. One by one Katie’s friends disappear, prompting the local Sheriff to target Vincent as the number one suspect. Vincent knows his brother is involved, but is unable to catch him in the act until the final scene.

Theatrical Release dates:

Jan. 7 – Seattle WA, Ethnic Cultural Theater
Jan. 8 – Wenatchee WA, Liberty Theater
Jan. 9 – Omak WA, Mirage Theater
Jan. 10 – Ellensburg WA, – Central Washington University
Jan. 11 – Moscow ID, – Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre
Jan. 12 – Spokane WA, Magic Lantern Theater
Jan. 13 – Twisp WA, Twisp River Pub
Jan. 14 – Eugene OR, Bijou Theater
Jan. 15 – LA CA, Sweetwater Theater
Jan. 16 – San Jose CA, Hensely Theater

You can visit the Official THE ABSENT Movie Website for more details, friend them on FaceBook,  and follow along on Twitter.

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced that director Jason Toler’s supernatural horror film HALF MOON will arrive on DVD March 1. The film features adult film sensation Tori Black as Rose, a hard-bitten prostitute whose latest trick turns out to be a werewolf in disguise.

Rose is a down-on-her-luck prostitute who’s short on cash. When she hears of a mysterious client named Jacob who pays a large sum of money for one night in a hotel, she goes against her better judgment and takes the assignment. At the hotel, Jacob proves to be a strange client: he’s willing to pay up front, and is more interested in honest conversation than anything else. Then, just as Rose begins to feel at ease, she learns that Jacob is about to undergo a transformation by the light of the full moon – and she’s about find herself trapped in close quarters with a terrifying monster.

You can find out more from the Official Breaking Glass Pictures Website and make new friends via FaceBook.

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