The Dark Knight Rises: First Impressions

The Dark Knight Rises: First Impressions


So I’m pretty excited about Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  And I’ll admit,  Nolan has never given me a reason to doubt him.  Well…outside of insisting on mispronouncing the main villain’s name for the entire first movie.  And having Batman drive a tank.  A WayneTech tank.  And putting machine guns on the bikes.

In all reality though, his Batman franchise has been pretty amazing so far–definitely the only live-action films even resembling a proper adaptation of the character (suck it, Batman ’89!).  But then, y’know…this.  I’ve always thought Anne Hathaway was a pretty good choice for the role of Catwoman.  In the way that Heath Ledger seemed like a good choice for the Joker even though I didn’t care about any of his prior roles.  You could just see it.  But then again I’d assumed they’d give her a Catwoman costume.  If it weren’t for IMDB you’d have no reason to assume that this wasn’t Batgirl.

I don’t need a purple catsuit with a tail, or even the fan-favorite Adam Hughes “Hooty McBoobs” version.  All I’m saying is that she should probably throw on a cowl and cover up that hair if she wants to keep CSI Miami off her back, much less Batman.  There have apparently been sightings at the Pittsburgh filming of stunt-Catwomen walking around with little Robin-style domino masks, so it’s not looking good.

You know what is looking good though?  Bane.

"Let's see...eggs...bread....Hot Pockets...ah yes. CRIPPLE THE BATMAN."

This is what should have gotten released first.  Well, not a shot of Bane reading his grocery list.  But seriously how cool is this character design?  Even without the wrestling singlet and Venom tubes everywhere, I feel like this is a really identifiable look.  Speaking of the Venom though, I wonder if they’ll include that?  If they do my bet is on a through-the-mask gas delivery system, but it’s probably more likely that he’ll just be really strong and smart.  Movie Batman just seems more ripe for crippling than comic Batman.

Regardless, Tom Hardy is awesome and it’s going to be great seeing him play a villain so bent on specifically taking down Batman.  So far we’ve gotten villains targeting Gotham as a whole, so this should be interesting.  And yeah, now that I think of it…this is Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film.  And DC has already announced plans to (sigh) reboot the franchise once he’s done with it, to make way for his inclusion in their recently announced Justice League film.  Because, when exactly two of DC’s superhero movies have been any good, yeah, why not shoot for a gigantic $200 million team-up?

Wait, wait, I’m rambling now.  What I was saying is, I’m calling it right now.  This is what we’re getting.  And as much as I love Batman as a character, it’s going to be awesome.

It would be wise of Lucius Fox to begin dusting off the filing cabinets in the super secret abandoned Wayne Enterprises wheelchair division.

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