The Blood Sprayer’s Horror News From Comic-Con 2010

The Blood Sprayer’s Horror News From Comic-Con 2010

From July 22 through today, the yearly Comic-Con has invaded the San Diego Convention Center leaving a slew of horror-related news in its wake (and one arrest for a face-stabbing.)  Join us for some of the week’s highlights, won’t you?


‘Saw 3D’:  What is promised to be the final chapter in the series of horror films that seem to never end,  the official Comic-Con trailer:

‘The Haunted Mansion’:  Yes, it’s that ‘Haunted Mansion.’  Yes, it’s Disney.  No, Eddie Murphy is not anywhere to be found.  Oh, and yes…it’s being directed by Guillermo del Toro!  (Cautiously optimistic!)

Haunted Mansion Announcement – Watch more Funny Videos

‘Let Me In’:  Another remake…but one that at least looks like it might be handled half way decent despite there being no need for its existence. 

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‘Dexter’:  This season picks up right where we left off with last season’s shocking finale.  CANNOT WAIT!

‘Dexter:Early Cuts’: This webisode series is back with a unified art direction thanks to award-winning illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz (Batman, Superman and X-Men comics’The Dark Knight’)

‘True Blood’:  What can we expect from the second half of Season Three?  HBO’s Comic-Con trailer has you covered!

‘Walking Dead’:  The first look at AMC’s comic-turned-prime-time-zombie-show:


‘Dead Rising 2’:  Capcom’s new trailer for more zombie killing fun (PS3/XBox360):

‘Dead Space 2’:  Isaac Clarke returns for another blood-curdling adventure in the sequel to Visceral Games’ critically acclaimed blockbuster ‘Dead Space.’ (Ps3/Xbox 360):

‘Dead Nation’:  A new trailer for the Playstation Network exclusive zombie apocalypse game:

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