Terror Is on the Menu at Kingburger- Werewolf Fever Review

Terror Is on the Menu at Kingburger- Werewolf Fever Review

Director: Brian Singleton

Starring: Mark Courneyea, Heather Duthie, Miles Finlayson, Mark Singleton

Tagline: Terror is on the menu.

Release Date: TBA

Official Site: www.werewolffever.com

There’s something to be said about a lack of original ideas in Hollywood today. With every new theatrical release being either a sequel, prequel, or outright remake of a previous film it’s all the more rewarding to discover the work of independent filmmakers such as Brian Singleton, director of Werewolf Fever.

With no shortage of new ideas, Singleton is the epitome of a modern day Renaissance man. He directs, he writes, he does photography, storyboards- he even designed the film’s rather impressive website. ” I put a lot of work into it,” says Singleton, “because I wanted it to stand out for other indy horror films.” It certainly does just that and with the same sense of ingenuity Singleton has created a film that delivers exactly what it promises; mixing creative low budget effects with a crazy-ass looking werewolf by way of a meat grinder and served with a side of funny.

Shot on location in Ontario on a modest budget of $10,000, the film brings to mind the early work of Sam Raimi on Evil Dead (or more appropriately his short, Within the Woods). With a simple cast, creative special effects, and a unique plot that culminates in an all-out feeding frenzy at the Kingburger Drive-In Werewolf Fever clocks in at around 60 minutes which works surprisingly well in setting a “kill it and grill it” pace. While the acting is admittedly a little wooden, many of the lines are read more than they are performed, there are a few standouts worth mention including Ian Lloyd as the ornery perve Odi Buckmeyer and Mark Singleton who does double duty as both Ronny and the Werewolf.

Speaking of which, the practical effects for the werewolf (developed by Jason Thomas at Fiendish Curiosities) and his kills are by far the highlights with special mention to a certain scene that results in our thin buddy here (see below). Suffice it to say that Werewolf Fever has something in store for the gorehounds out there looking for their next fix. Overall, it’s a silly, fun fright film that’s perfect for fans of Poultrygeist, Bad Taste, or The Teeth Beneath. Want to check it out for yourself? Werwolf Fever is currently available for purchase on DVD at the official website ($20 North America, $25 International) and features a cool white casing complete with a full artwork wrap.

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Author's Quick Review
Werewolf Fever is a fun monster flick that recalls a late-night, B-movie appeal and thats not a bad thing. The practical effects are a welcome release from over-indulged CGI or *shudder* 3D and the way in which the story is resolved provides a nice statement on the entire film- terror is on the menu with a side of krinkle fries.

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  1. This sounds great, but all you really needed to do was show me the poster and I was sold.


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