Take Home Hell House & The Id!

Take Home Hell House & The Id!

The good people over at Terror Films have been really busy gearing up for the Halloween horror season, and they’ve released two new clips from their latest found footage film Hell House, which comes out exactly one week from today, on November 1st. Take a look:

And of course, the trailer:

terror-films-hell-houseHere’s the official synopsis:

“Five years after an unexplained malfunction causes the death of 15 tour-goers and staff on opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour (Hell House), a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the tragedy to investigate the events of that night. During an interview with one of the original staff members, they are given never-before-seen footage taken of the haunted house. The footage reveals the terrifying truth about what really happened on the opening night of Hell House!”

You’ll be able to find Hell House on all major digital platforms, including Amazon and iTunes.

Moving on, The Id is out on Blu-Ray today! I talked about the latest film from Thommy Hutson about two weeks ago. But in case you missed it, check out the trailer and synopsis again. I’ve included a link straight to the purchasing page on Amazon below.


“For decades, Meridith Lane (Amanda Wyss) has felt trapped in her home. Surviving on memories of youth, she watches the years slip by while caring for her abusive father…until a figure from her past makes a surprising return. In order to live the life she desires, Meridith must confront her father’s monstrous cruelty and attempt to escape his tyrannical grip. But the man who controls her every move won’t let go without a fight, leading father and daughter into a series of desperate and irreversible acts. As Meridith’s psyche is slowly pushed to the breaking point, the line between fantasy and reality is hopelessly blurred. With strangers prying at the door and the walls of her childhood home closing in, Meridith spirals into a frightening world of paranoia, madness…and violence.”

Order it from Amazon here. Want your very own signed copy? Go here.


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