Synapse Hits 100 Releases…And They Want You to Have It!

Synapse Hits 100 Releases…And They Want You to Have It!

Scour the library of oddball film enthusiasts and you’ll find many titles adorning the green and white logo of Synapse Films.  Call it insanity (because I’m certain it is) but I feel as if this company exists to bring me geeky joy and allow me to take part in stimulating the economy.  The great part about this is that there are TONS of horror fans the world ’round who love the Synapse catalog as much as I do.

Just because the year is drawing to a close doesn’t mean these guys are resting on their laurels! Hell no!  Not only are their more fantastic releases headed your way, but some of them will be coming to you on blu-ray as well.  Here’s the latest treasures unearthed from these fine folks:


Death of a Snowman: A grindhouse gem from Africa featuring Ken Gampu and Nigel Davenport (Chariots of Fire) who end up entangled in a battle with a group of  vigilantes known as “War on Crime”.  Can they uncover the atrocities being committed in time to save people’s lives as well as their own?


Resonnances: This is a French no-budget, shot-on-video obscurity that I doubt most of us have ever even heard of.  A group of friends looking to take off for a relaxing French weekend away encounter escaped psychopaths, ghosts, otherworldly fogs, and a giant creature who’s ready to devour anything in its path.  Clearly, the indie spirit is alive and well and living in France!



Schoolgirl Report Volume #7:  Released through Synapse’s Impulse Pictures imprint is another foray into Germany’s perverse minds.  Helga trades sex for homework, an ice cream shop waiter swaps sundaes for some dirty time, Monika’s hitching rides and uses her “assets” to rob unsuspecting men blind…the filth doesn’t end!  Like previous entries in this series, we get a glimpse into a bygone era where humor and naughtiness went together like chocolate and peanut butter.

As if all these fantastic new releases weren’t cool enough, Synapse has a special little thing going on for their 100th release.  For the first time ever in high definition, The Hammer classic “Vampire Circus” is available to YOU!!!  The film is being presented in a gorgeous 1080p high-def and it’s packed full of never-before-seen extras…pretty cool, right?  You want to hear something even cooler?  You can win a copy of Vampire Circus courtesy of Synapse Films and The Blood Sprayer.

vampire circus

Here’s all you have to do:  A trivia question will be at the end of this post.  You simply need to answer the question in the form of a comment below.  Along with your answer, provide your email address that we can reach you at.  A winner will be chosen and you will be via your email address listed.  So, here it is:

*Name 3 films that “Vampire Circus” star Adrienne Corri starred in, not including the aforementioned film.*

So, get on it and as always make sure you visit the fine folks of Synapse films at their website and get to answerin’!!!

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  1. Doctor Zhivago, Clockwork Orange, and Revenge of the Pink Panther.

  2. Clockwork Orange, Dr. Zhivago, Bunny Lake is Missing

  3. A Clockwork Orange
    The River
    Dr. Zhivago

  4. Devil Girl From Mars
    A Clockwork Orange
    A Study In Terror

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