Synapse Films to Release Sweatshop on DVD

Synapse Films to Release Sweatshop on DVD

Coming to DVD in early 2011, Stacy Davidson’s award winning film Sweatshop has been assaulting the senses of festival audiences and judges over the last year. Fangoria caught word that Synapse Films will be beefing up the DVD with a lot of extras before it’s release 2011.

Don May Jr., President of Synapse Films said “Sweatshop shined above many of the indie submissions we received. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the production quality, gore and the fun factor of the film.” Synapse CEO Jerry Chandler adds, “We are proud to continue our desire to bring the finest of independent horror to the viewing audience. Sweatshop is a proud addition to the line. This movie exemplifies what creativity and hard work can achieve, and should stand as a shining example to all young filmmakers.”

According to Davidson, “One of the many great things about Synapse is that they don’t release stacks of movies every month. They’re very selective in their library and I’m confident that Sweatshop will get the love and attention it needs. Sweatshop has shown signs of becoming a breakaway indie hit, and we believe Synapse recognizes this and will really take the ball and run with it.”

Synopsis: Sweatshop is set in an abandoned warehouse where a group of young people arrive to set up a late-night rave, only to find it’s not so abandoned after all—a hulking killer known as The Beast lurks within its rooms, wielding an enormous hammer.

According to writer and producer Ted Geoghegan, “Modern slasher rehashes have gotten stale. With Sweatshop, our goal was to create a film that pays tribute to the genre that created it while offering up something people haven’t seen a million times before.”

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