STATE OF EMERGENCY: A Review (Image Entertainment)

STATE OF EMERGENCY: A Review (Image Entertainment)

Reasoning only comes in tidbits. An explosion at a plant. Potentially airborne toxins that cause violent behavior a la 28 Days Later. “Zombies.” Will they survive the STATE OF EMERGENCY?


soeguysImage Entertainment brings us their latest post apocalyptic zombie fest in STATE OF EMERGENCY. The same zombie shit we’ve seen over and over again. While we can always make adjustments to the story at hand or the people involved, unless the writer throws in some kind of twist, it’s all pretty much the same. Strong male protagonist. He becomes the leader. Military is coming. That whole shebang. It’s entertaining, but only as much as you let it be.


soegreenAs with any low budget straight to DVD release, the effects are mostly CG with some added makeup. They aren’t exciting, and I certainly don’t get a goreboner for them. And while the acting isn’t bad, the lack of excitement in the script just didn’t do much for me.


State_of_emergency_1All in all, an indie film, whether it be Sci Fi, horror, comedy, whatever, has to do something to catch my attention. This film just didn’t have that. Maybe I’m jaded from the awesome horror flicks that have been sliding my way lately. But as a message to filmmakers: If you’re going to do “tried and true,” at least make it a little different.


soeblueSTATE OF EMERGENCY is on sale NOW from Image Entertainment.

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