So, how was Don’t Knock Twice?

So, how was Don’t Knock Twice?

Let me just start off by saying: I’ve been loving Katee Sackhoff in horror movies. I was a fan of Battlestar Galactica, and I thought Oculus was terrific, so I’m glad to see her starring in another horror film.

DKT Poster 1 SheetDon’t Knock Twice stars Sackhoff as Jess, a former drug addict whose application to regain custody of her teenage daughter, Chloe (Lucy Boynton), has finally been successful. As is the nature of horror movies, unfortunately, all is not well, and not only do Jess and Chloe have trouble reconnecting, to say the least, but Chloe comes with a dark secret and an even darker presence chasing her.

047Although there’s quite a bit of backstory, as you can see from my simple synopsis above, it has some trouble really integrating itself to create a plot that moves forward smoothly. The reason for the witch following Chloe in particular continuously had trouble really introducing itself, and the movie would have been fine without explaining it, to be perfectly honest. We’re already watching for the horror, we’re okay if you don’t give a reason.

103As to the witch itself: there’s a trend going on in horror movies with women shown only as a dark figure and creepy, tree-like limbs and I’m perfectly happy for it to continue (for a while, at least). The witch and the scenes with her in it are incredibly creepy, and this, combined with Sackhoff and Boynton’s performances, makes this movie worth seeing. Sackhoff is actually terrific as a formerly drug addicted mother who made the difficult choice to give up her child and delivers her lines with the appropriate thought and gravity. Boynton, for her part, is excellent as a troubled teenager whose fear and need for comfort override her anger towards the mother who abandoned her. In short, go for the actors and the scares, and don’t give the slightly confusing plot too much thought.

Check it out in UK theaters March 31st!

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