Smash Cut (Zed Filmworks)

Smash Cut (Zed Filmworks)

Smash Cut PosterIf you are a genuine fan of all things low budget and campy, this is the movie for you. As intended, director Lee Demarbre’s (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter) Smash Cut is a wonderful homage piece to H.G. Lewis as it was intended. Heck, even The Godfather of Gore himself introduces the film!  Smash Cut is full of satire, blood, guts and gore – all the things that make this a great film.

The story follows that of Able Whitman (David Hess), a horror-film director whose movies are just not that…good. After constantly being panned by critics and audiences for poor story ideas and having terrible effects, he is inspired by his girlfriend to bring a whole new realism to his films. Taking revenge on those who have wronged him, Able starts filling his new film with the most realistic props he can get his hands on – the body parts of his victims. The only thing that can stop him is nosey news reporter April Carson (Sasha Grey) and Isaac Beaumond (Jesse Buck), a private detective hired by April to find her missing sister.

AbleWhat I loved about this movie is that Lee Demarbre got it right. This was a serious attempt to make a quality movie that also didn’t take itself too seriously. It poked fun at itself and the genera of B-movies. The acting by the cast was perfect. It was just campy and over the top enough to capture the spirit of the grindhouse era films without being un-watch able. I was excited to see that David Hess (Last House on the Left) was in this film, surprised by Sasha Grey’s perfectly nailed corniness and I laughed when I saw Michael Berryman in that ridiculous wig. Jesse Buck gave an exaggerated, over the top performance that I would expect to come out of a Chris Seaver film. But there has to be at least one performance of that type or I wouldn’t buy that they were going for a B-movie vibe, and if that was the goal, then I say that Jesse played that part perfectly.

If you are the type of person that needs to have your movies crammed full of bloated budgets and glossy Michael Bay style effects, then don’t bother. If you are the type that revels in splatteriffic gore and a few laughs, run out to your local Best Buy and get the first copy you see. Grab a six-pack, watch with humor and enjoy.

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Smash Cut is full of satire, blood, guts and gore � all the things that make this a great film.

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