Skanska Mord-The Last Supper (Small Stone Records)

Skanska Mord-The Last Supper (Small Stone Records)

Skanska Mord - The Last SupperY0u’ll end up finding there is no shortage of love for the Swedes and all things Scandinavian on our website.  Whether it’s film or great music, they seem to have a knack for pleasing a lot of the cats that write for The Blood Sprayer.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of cool stuff that this lovely part of the world puts forth and we can now add Skanska Mord to that long list of Swedish awesomeness.

In the realm of fuzzed out, 70’s inspired rockin’, these guys got the goods to hold up with some of the bigger players.  “Under the Volcano” ignites the wick with heavy groove and vocal delivery reminiscent of Abramis Brama and carries it’s rock into a fantastic hook-soaked chorus (and another bad ass riff).  The album’s second track, “Things are Quite out There”, sounds like it came straight out of the Pentagram songbook.  The hits keep rolling right into the crown jewel of the album, “Two in the Mourning”.  It starts with a nice blues-laden, heavy boogie that’s complete with some well placed mouth harp, but the song settles into a slow stomp that sounds like Leslie West sitting in with Spirit Caravan.  And speaking of Spirit Caravan, “111” is not too far off from some of the better bouncing tracks from their catalog.  Oddly enough, it’s perhaps the only track on the record that moves with that sort of bounce and is appropriately accompanied by a wah pedal lead.  Skanska Mord closest out the album with a 9 1/2 minute jam that has all the right dynamics.  It’s the closest the band actually comes to verging into true doom rock territory.

While some of their peers (Witchcraft, Graveyard) channel Roky Erickson via Pentagram, Skanska Mord takes the same road as the aforementioned Abramis Brama, opting for a deliberately heavier version of this style.  While their stuff has some similarities to Spirit Caravan, Abramis Brama, and Pentagram, there’s also that feel I get from the heavier aspects of Blue Oyster Cult and a slower Deep Purple.  But we can throw names around all day-the bottom line is these guys are a solid band with a great album that’s sure to earn them respect in the heavy music circles.

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