Shedding the Stereotypes-Women in Horror Month is a year round thing at The Blood Sprayer

Shedding the Stereotypes-Women in Horror Month is a year round thing at The Blood Sprayer

kristyWe’re more than halfway through our second month of The Blood Sprayer being a living, breathing entity. In that time, I feel like our website has given the readers honest, insightful, amusing opinions on what we love about the genre.   There’ve been some of the usual suspects that you normally find on a site such as ours: news, reviews, interviews, etc.  But the things that have made us a little different are what make The Blood Sprayer a force to reckoned with.  You see, when I started the website, it hadn’t occurred to me that having women in our employ would make us unique. In fact, it just seemed like the most natural thing to do would be to assemble the best group of writers that I could and give you guys the best content possible.  It’s that simple:  Great writers = great website.  Little did I know that the first lady of filth, Kristy Jett, would lead several amazing writers in my direction.  It just so happened that quite a few of those writers were to be women.  I hadn’t really mulled over the idea that that mightbe bucking an established system.  But when you stop to think about it, it is unique.  With the over abundance of wiener that clogs up the pipes, a female perspective is a welcome addition.  Especially when that opinion is given by strong, articulate, free-thinking women who’s knowledge of horror puts most of these dude’s to shame.  And this leads me to where I am in this editorial…

BrittneyThe women that write for this website aren’t impressive just because they’re women who write as horror columnists and bloggers.  They’re impressive because they’re AMAZING writers!!  But what really irritates me about all this is the fact that I almost feel obligated to write and editorial saying “Yeah, fuck you! This is how WE do things!”  Frankly, it seems silly to me that we would “stick out” because we’ve got a well mixed, diverse staff.  If you’re good, you’re good.  That’s what seems like the obvious mindset to have.  And as a lot of you can tell, these women are really good.  So, naturally bringing them into The Blood Sprayer was a no-brainer.   It’s not like there haven’t been strong and memorable women in the pantheon of horror/exploitation.  Let’s think about it:  Dyanne Thorne was terrifying  as Ilsa, the evil Nazi prison warden.  Felissa Rose Miller ended up being the scariest shock of all in “Sleepaway Camp” as Angela.  Has there ever been a role where Pam Grier wasn’t the most supreme badass to walk into frame in an exploitation movie-EVER?!  Plus, we’ve got all the new faces that kick ass and take names, like April Monique Burrill’s portrayal of Chainsaw Sally and Debbie Rochon who is a seemingly fearless horror actress.   Let’s not forget about some of the legendary directors too, like queen of exploitation, Doris Wishman,  who’s filmography could rival the best of directors from that era.  And while the academy may not give a shit, us horror fans were pulling for Katherine Bigelow because we remember her as the director of “Near Dark”…that, and because seeing James Cameron lose is always good.

morganIt should come as no surprise to you readers that all of us here at The Blood Sprayer are quite proud of what we do and who we are as a collective.  The different ideas, loves, talents, and abilities make this site as fun as it is for us.  If any of you follow any of us on Facebook, you see that very clearly.  We’re a very grateful group of horror geeks who just love these bloody movies with all our hearts.  It’s our common bond as a group.  These films that we’re opining over and demanding that you, as the reader, give your utmost admiration to-they excite us and bond us just as strongly as they do you and your buddies that watch them.  This brings me around full circle to my original point.  Though I do love the fact that we have a good mix of male and female writers on this staff,  I’m really glad that I get to bond with such a cool group of horror fans.  That’s really what we all are…fans who get excited and disgusted over the same things that all of you do.  But, having said that, since it is something that people seem to notice, then I will make a point to shout from the rooftops that we truly do have (in my humble opinion)  the greatest collection of female horror writers working at The Blood Sprayer.  They’re setting a new standard for greatness.  And while I know all you readers love their stuff,  know that as the founder of this beast, that my love for what they do is a great as yours, if not, stronger.  Each one of the people that works for this website views one another as an equal and are fans of each other’s writing and ideas-men and women.

ChristineSo, am I proud of everyone writing for The Blood Sprayer?  Hell yes, I am!!!  But since people have taken notice of all the amazing women writing for us, I feel it’s my duty to say that on behalf of myself and all the other fellas at The Blood Sprayer, that if we’re gonna be considered unique for having several female writers, then I want them to know that those female writers are the best in the fucking business.  Kristy Jett, Christine Hadden, Brittney-Jade Colangelo, and Morgan Rankin:  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my filthy heart for being  a part of The Blood Sprayer.  But more importantly, thank you for making a difference in horror.  This genre is a better community having you as a part of it.

Stay Filthy-


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  1. Rightfully I feel I should get an honorable mention in this article. Keep kickin’ ass ladies.

  2. josh, tucking it does not make you a lady… tucking it and wearing a lady suit made of human skin won’t make you a lady… but, my love for you will always be the strongest love a man could give to a lady… keep up the good work REAL ladies…


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