ROTLD paintings

ROTLD paintings

For those who may have been interested in buying these, they have been SOLD. A very nice person was gracious enough to take these off my hands recently. I am looking forward to doing more paintings in the future.  If you are interested in some custom work please contact me via e-mail at or comment below and we’ll hash out the details.  For those wondering, these are both 8×10’s, acrylic and watercolor on canvas. Both were painted in one 10 hour session.

“Trioxin Slumber” and “Only the dead can kill Suicide”

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With a love for art that was fueled by Saturdays filled with early morning cartoons and late night horror rentals, Courtney Wyant has spent most of his life developing his own artistic style that smashes the two together. A style he has unleashed unto the world under the name of NOTFORKIDS, in a column called Maniacal Laughter, on the horror site

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