Richard Stanley’s L’Autre Monde (The Other World) Coming Soon From Metaluna Productions

Richard Stanley’s L’Autre Monde (The Other World) Coming Soon From Metaluna Productions

gianteyeballBrilliant renegade filmmaker Richard Stanley (the man who brought the world Hardware, and one of my favorite films of all time, Dust Devil) is flexing his documentarian muscles once again. With the help of cinematographer Karim Hussain (Hobo With A Shotgun, The Captured Bird) and French company Metaluna Productions, Stanley has begun work on his latest work L’Autre Monde or The Other World.

The film (which was written by Stanley and Scarlet Amaris) will set out to explore regions of our planet where it is believed that the real world as we know it overlaps with that of the paranormal i.e., Spirits, Aliens, etc.  The movie will navigate through a bevvy of medieval villages such as Montesgur, and Bugarach with the intent of committing these other worlds to film.  Stanley’s plan is to combine 2+ decades of research with various interviews of locals from these regions; all of whom have differing stances on the subject.

Though the film was announced on Metaluna’s official website on May 7th,  a more detailed description including the film’s first images, were unveiled via FANGORIA this week.  The excitement surrounding this documentary comes on the heels of Richard Stanley’s involvement with The Theatre Bizarre in which he contributed the segment “Toads”.  Metaluna Productions funded Stanley’s segment of the anthology and are now following up by funding what appears to be a fascinating documentary.  For fans of Richard Stanley’s work, it is no secret that he has worked on the fringe of an industry that could not grasp, nor contain, his ability to bring his visions to light. This has kept his work from expanding to a larger commercial audience.  One can hope that this second outing with the French production team could lead to more work from Mr. Stanley in the very near future and as a result, expose his work to a new generation unfamiliar with his previous films.

We will update you with news as it is made available.


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