Review: Deadly Renovations (2010)

Review: Deadly Renovations (2010)

Midnight Releasing is putting the fun back in nail gun… fun…

We’ve got a simple premise. The spoils of a bank heist are hidden in an abandoned hotel. Twenty years later the hotel is purchased by a group of friends who flip houses for a living. Right around the same time, the last living member of the group who stashed the money is released from prison.


Now in everyday life, of course the new owners would take the criminal to court. Due to his lack of income from being incarcerated, and the ensuing legal battle, the crook loses. The flippers fix up the hotel, turn a huge profit, and die in their sleep whilst rolling in large piles of gold doubloons and possibly sailing on a pirate ship fueled with hopes and dreams.


Fortunately this isn’t real life. It’s a movie. This is a movie review. Sorry, thought I should let you know that as soon as possible. I whisked you away on a dreamboat there for a second. The aforementioned bad guy just HAS to get that money back, since it’s a main plot device. Cue the flippers trying to avoid being horribly murdered.


Aside from characters that I couldn’t really figure out why they existed, let alone had speaking roles, Deadly Renovations gives you what you ask of it. Ty Pennington could take some pointers from these people though; at least they dress like renovators should. I thought this would be just some generic “everyone gets killed and then the killer gets revealed.” I was wrong.


So with a greed-fueled murder fest surrounded by construction and power tools, I figured we could be more creative with the deaths. I wasn’t given what I dreamt of. But remember, this isn’t everyday life, it’s not all gold doubloons.


Check out Deadly Renovations, coming August 21st, from Midnight Releasing.


Oh, and by the way, the boobie shot is at 44:43, in case you were wondering.

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