Remembering A Master of Horror: Dan O’Bannon Week, December 19th-26th

Remembering A Master of Horror: Dan O’Bannon Week, December 19th-26th

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year now since Dan O’Bannon left this world. A man who wrote some some of the most imaginative films of the past 30 years. He’s best known for being the scribe behind Alien and writing and directing The Return of The Living Dead, but Dan O’Bannon created more than that. He was responsible for Total Recall and Dead & Buried as well as Lifeforce and he wrote and starred in Dark Star. Aside from what he himself created, he inspired whole new generations of writers and filmmakers with his work. There are dozens of films that wouldn’t exist without Alien and the same can be said for Return of the Living Dead and Lifeforce. The man himself seemed to be a force of nature, and it’s disheartening to think of a film world, and world in general without him now.

It occured to me, and to the rest of our staff that a lot of Horror fans may not be aware of the contributions he made to Horror and Sci-Fi, and what a travesty that truly is. For the fans who love Dan’s work, it was infuriating that he didn’t get the credit he deserved in life, and wanted to see him get it, even if posthumously.  That’s where the idea for Dan O’Bannon week came from. It came from the want and need to shine a spotlight where it was truly deserved all along. So for an entire week, we here at The Blood Sprayer want to show you who Dan O’Bannon was through his work, not only from our staffers but those who knew Dan best.

Some of our featured articles for Dan O’Bannon Week:

*Bill Adcock goes in depth into what is likely considered Dan’s masterpiece, Alien, and talks about all of the inate fears brimming within mankind that are so beautifully displayed in the film.

*Andre Dumas takes the initiative to explore the cult of Dan O’Bannon as someone who wasn’t that familiar with his work, and finding out what his creative work  means to her.

*Jenny Spencer talks about the influence of Ripley, the strong female lead of Alien, and how that changed the role of women in Horror and Sci Fi as well as influenced those sorts of characters for years to come.

*Zach Shildwachter takes us on an odyssey through Total Recall and Shawn Savage covers one of Dan’s less known projects, Screamers.

*Christine Hadden explores her favorite Dan O’Bannon film, The Resurrected.

*Mike D has an interview with William Stout who worked with Dan on Return of The Living Dead and created Tarman.

*Courtney Wyant talks about the effect that Return of the Living Dead had on him and shows off some artwork directly inspired by it.

*Zachary Kelley takes us on a journey to the Dark Star.

And many, many more…

Most importantly, pieces from Diane O’Bannon, Dan’s wife and Adam O’Bannon, his son about the man who they knew and loved.

Please join us for this very special theme week at The Blood Sprayer.

Dan O'Bannon (September 30,1946- December 17,2009)

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