Red Scorpion: The Blu Ray Release That Thinks It Can Control You

Red Scorpion: The Blu Ray Release That Thinks It Can Control You

We here at the Blood Sprayer are big supporters of Synapse Films. They’re good people who make a complete package product and have a kick ass logo. Let this new release be considered no different. Dolph Lundgren isn’t only the Russian Ivan Drago in Rocky IV ya know. He’s something more. He stars in the action packed Red Scorpion. See full release notes below and look for Red Scorpion on DVD and Blu Ray June 12th. He must break you… wait… wrong movie. (full release notes below if you have the balls to read them).




They think theycontrol him. THINK AGAIN!

Dolph Lundgren makes stuff go BOOM! in Joseph Zito’sboombastic REDSCORPION, now on Blu-ray and DVD from Synapse Films!

Internationalbuilt-as-hell action star Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables,Rocky IV) isLt. Nikolai Rachenko, a Soviet Special Forces “killing machine,” assigned toinfiltrate an African rebel uprising and assassinatetheir anti-Communist leader.  Taken into custodyand tortured after the mission fails, he stages aharrowing prison escape.  Befriended by anAfrican bushman while on the run, Nikolai discovers hewas fighting on the wrong side of this violentconflict all along.  Nikolai finds the rebel armyonce more but, this time, he’s on their side and wagesbloody war against his former comrades!

This action-packed controversial cult classic is nowavailable from SynapseFilms in a brand-new 2K high-definition transferof the uncensored version, containing footage neverbefore seen in the U.S.  Featuring amazingperformances from Dolph Lundgren, M. Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner, BloodSimple) and the late Brion James (Blade Runner, Southern Comfort),REDSCORPION contains bloody, blasting specialeffects from the legendary Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead,Maniac, Friday the 13th). Loaded with interviews and other amazing specialfeatures, this disc will blow you away!

Special Features:

• All-New 2KHigh-Definition Digital Restoration of the UncensoredVersion  • Audio Commentarywith Director  Joseph Zito andMondo Digital’s  Nathaniel Thompson  • All-New DTS-HD MA5.1 Soundtrack Mixed Specifically for This Release  •HATH NO FURY– “Dolph Lundgren and the Road to RED SCORPION Featurette”  • ASSIGNMENT:AFRICA –  Video Interviewwith Producer Jack Abramoff  • SCORPION TALES –  Video Interviewwith Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini  • Rare OriginalOn-Set Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage  • Animated StillGallery  • Liner Notes onthe Making of REDSCORPION byJérémie Damoiseau  • TheatricalTrailer and TV Spots  • Reversible CoverDesign

Disc Info:

Director: JosephZito Starring: DolphLundgren, M. Emmet Walsh, Brion James

Run Time: 106minutes

Release Date: June 12, 2012

Language: English Aspect

Ratio: Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1

Format: DVD/Blu-raycombo Region: AllRegions Price: $29.95

UPC Code: 654930313893 CatalogNo.:SFD0115





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