Rapping About the Birds and the Bees: An Interview with MC Sex

Rapping About the Birds and the Bees: An Interview with MC Sex

If you wanna get attention through your art the quickest way is with some good ol’ fashioned sex and violence. Chris Sandoval, better known as MC Sex, is a Texas based rapper who delights in pushing the boundaries of decency and break-beats. Horror movies and video games are the ammunition for his microphone. Love it or hate it, there’s little room to ignore that it’s all so absurd, so obnoxious and yet, so refreshing.

Like a white Kool Kieth, MC Sex’s lyrics seek to offend and titillate. This is exactly what every 13-17 year old male is thinking about; sex, video games, and R rated movies. Shocking, graphic, and with a tongue poking through the other side of his cheek, MC Sex delivers the samples and stanzas that have the marketable appeal we’ve come to expect from rap music. The lyrics offer a new take on the current state of mass marketed misogyny that has become so accepted and prevalent that we have little room to be shocked and awed. He’s almost begging for you to call him out on it all. He raps about sex, that’s it really. Like many of us, he has other interests and his music videos are proof of that, but this is one emerging instance of truth in advertising. Raunchy and raw, it’s worth a listen to judge for yourself. NSFW is tattooed all over this.

How did you get into the rap game? What’s the origin of MC Sex?

I threw a bunch of rap songs on a CD for a road trip a few years back and my friend pointed out that they were all songs about fuckin. It was unintentional but that was when I realized my favorite rap songs revolved around sex. At some point I started jotting down random lines that popped in my head and then I culled them together into the songs on my album.

What’s the connection between “Mayonnaise and Ketchup” and Splatter Horror Movies?

At first the idea was just to put a bunch of bloody scenes together because the song is about blood and I love bloody movies. Simple enough. I was watching Ichi the Killer when it came to me but as I started looking at films to use, I decided to focus more on the theme of the song and feature scenes of female characters taking charge. It only makes sense since it’s my feminist jam for the ladies. But for good measure there are some scenes of gratuitous violence that have absolutely nothing to do with that sprinkled in there.

As I was making it I thought that very few people would like it. I figured most people, even my closest friends, would be either grossed out by the subject matter or the excessive gore so I was really just making it for me. It was a labor of love and I’ve been pretty surprised by the positive reception.

Your style of music invokes nerd rap like MC Chris, Paul Barman, or Bo Burnham, but chronically more risqué. What are some of your influences?

Devin the Dude is my biggest influence. One of his mantras is “weed, women and wine” and I just stripped that down a little bit to just the women part. I met and rapped for him once and he was cracking up. It was pretty much the greatest moment of my life.

I used to listen to MC Paul Barman a lot and I think his music was what made me realize you could make good rap without having a “cool” voice. I kinda hate my voice.

Plastic Little’s album She’s Mature is another one of my favorites that I listened to a lot around the time I was starting to write lyrics.

You have another video “NESEX” with Pack of Rats about sex and 8-bit video games. How did that come about? What else can expect from the next music video?

That was actually the very first song I wrote. A couple Nintendo-related lines popped in my head so I decided to sit down and flesh out a whole song.

Pack of Rats is in the aforementioned Plastic Little. I had a rough version of the song up on my MySpace page and messaged them asking them to check it out not really expecting to hear back. He wrote back saying he liked it (I believe it was the Final Fantasy 3 reference that truly won him over) and he offered to rap on it which floored me.

As for the next video, I guess I should show that I can do something besides splice clips together. The plan is to film a video of me drumming and rapping.

You also play some instruments as a rapper. How do you feel that separates you from others in the same field?

I’ve never seen anyone rap and drum at the same time. I’ve been playing drums for more than ten years so I figured I’d combine the two and I recently debuted a drum solo/rap at a live show. It was great, I got the headset mic and everything. Someone called me the Phil Collins of sex rap. So I guess to answer your question, I doubt any other rapper can been called the Phil Collins of sex rap or any other subgenre of rap.

What’s the score with free album? Is another one in the works? What’s up with a tour?

I just wanted folk to hear my stuff so I made the album free, it’s available here: http://www.mcsexraps.com/love-songs-download-form/

I’ve got about enough material for another album and I’m looking for more folk to collaborate with, especially on the beat-making side. I’d love to do a tour but nothing in the works right now, just been playing shows around town here in Austin. I perform with DJ Manils who did all the scratches on the album, he’s really great.

You can find MC Sex on FaceBook and you can follow along on Twitter too.

Click here to download the album Love Songs for free.

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