Rage (2010) Review

Rage (2010) Review

Sometimes the simplest approach to making a movie tends to be the best, especially when making low budget films. Rage is a perfect example of less being more, and in return you get a very entertaining thriller well worth your 90 minutes.

The plot for Rage is a basic setup.  Dennis Twist is a suburbanite who has something very important to do today, he has to break off an affair that he’s been hiding from his loving wife.  On the way to meet the other woman, Dennis has a confrontation over a parking space with a motorcyclist.  He shrugs it off as no big deal and finishes what he traveled into town to do.  After leaving his now ex crying in the park, Dennis once again notices the motorcyclist following him.  After stopping at a red light, the motorcyclist shows he’s not just slightly annoyed as he scratches Dennis’s car all up with a knife.  From there he continues to torture poor Dennis all over town until he can finally get back home, where the mysterious motorcyclist is once again waiting for him.

Rage definitely wasn’t an original story, but it is one that I always get roped into.  Duel (which is mentioned during Rage so was an obvious inspiration), The Car, The Hearse, and Jeepers Creepers to name a few other mysterious driver movies I tend to sit down and watch whenever I see them on.  There is something about being chased by an unknown person or vehicle that has always intrigued me, and Rage was no different.  On the plus side, Rage was done much better than some of the aformentioned films due to not overdoing it with a crazy twist or supernatural spin.

The other worry about a movie like this is that the protagonist has to carry the movie or else it will fall flat on its face.  Rick Crawford who played Dennis does a great job going from a cocky cheating husband to a frightened shell of a man as he is tormented throughout the movie.  The antagonist is a typical faceless killer with little to no known motivation, but that’s always been my favorite and what makes slasher movies so much fun to watch.

The only negative to Rage is the final act things go a tad to far.  I’m not saying the ending wasn’t satisfying as things get really violent and raw, but the killer shouldn’t have turned his attention away from Dennis as much as he did.  But it’s always nice to add a little body count to a horror movie so I can’t complain too much.

As far as I can tell this is only writer/director Christopher R. Witherspoon’s second film, but what a film it is!  I hope to see more from him in the future, and hopefully with better distribution and coverage.  Unfortunately I can find very little about this movie online, and am yet to see any distributor releasing the movie.  It would be a shame to not get this movie out for more people to see, because it’s a really fun flick!

RAGE from Christopher Witherspoon on Vimeo.

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