Money Well Spent: Synapse Films’ Prom Night Blu Ray Is A Must-Own For Horror Fans

Money Well Spent: Synapse Films’ Prom Night Blu Ray Is A Must-Own For Horror Fans

Some white hot thunda’ comin’ your way, folks!!! Get those wallets ready!


PROMNIGHT_webProm Night (Synapse Films)-One of slasherdom’s (is that a word?) finest offerings just got a scorching blu ray release from the knife-wielding geniuses at Synapse Films.  This 80’s horror classic features Jamie Lee Curtis at her youthful scream queen prime and Leslie Nielsen being…well, being Leslie Nielsen.  What am I doing? You’ve all seen this! It’s a horror classic!  BUT, have you seen it look this good?! I’ll go ahead and assume not.

I always fancied myself a fan of the sequel more so than the original, but after watching Synapse’s gorgeous 2K transfer (from the original 35mm camera negative), I’m convinced otherwise.  To put it as plainly as I can, this new look has me falling in love with Prom Night all over again. Seriously.  This is Synapse wiping the floor with it’s competitors once again.  Thus far, in the hands of these folks, I am far more impressed with what they’ve done with some of the genre’s beloved classics.  They’ve been careful with their choices; they’re not rushed out. The end result is another fantastic blu ray release.  I don’t need to tell you that the movie is great-you already knew that. Rather, I will confidently…CONFIDENTLY…tell you that this is a must purchase for this year.  Horror movies are constantly re-released, but this is done with such a level of respect for the film that you’ll actually gain a new perspective on the movie. This 2K transfer gives it a new life.  The Blood Sprayer Stamp Of Approval is applied firmly to this sucker!  (Available September 9th here.) 

**Editor’s Note-I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention 2 other releases that Synapse released in August that were also killer. First, Vol. 4 of The Peep Show Collection was almost made for me-Sharon Kane, Erica Boyer, Annie Sprinkle?? Yes, Yes, YES! These continue to be some of the best releases coming from Impulse Pictures. Absolutely necessary for the sleaze fans. The other release is an indie film called Worm. Worm is feature that stemmed from a short film.  It’s sci-fi bend is balanced out with a strange dramatic element.  Very creepy, eerie, lingering moments that leave you squirming. Plus, all the dialogue is improvised, which is particularly cool. Both are available now.**


graddayGraduation Day (Vinegar Syndrome)-One of the weirdo slasher-esque exploitative horror flicks from the early 80’s has been resurrected by Blood Sprayer favorites, Vinegar Syndrome!  Graduation Day you may remember being a Troma release…well, VS took Herb Freed’s oddball roughy and gave it a marvelous 4K HD restoration that quite honestly, exceeds the look of the original.  This is quality camp at its finest.  Ridiculous characters, insane dialogue and a balls out entertaining finale take Graduation Day into another realm of required viewing for the horror fans. If you didn’t see this on VHS in your youth, now’s the time to redeem yourself. Plus, you’re crazy to pass up an opportunity to see legendary serious brooding face maker Christopher George in action! This one is for fans of the other side of slasher-the side that Jason & Freddy didn’t live on. It’s a damn good Halloween time party movie that’s even better with this lovely new transfer.  See Graduation Day looking sexier than ever!


murdercityThe Murder City Devils: The White Ghost Has Blood On Its Hands Again-The Murder City Devils were one of the real deal acts playing rock & roll the way it was meant to be played throughout the late 90’s and into the early 2000’s.  Dark, chaotic, and loud was their m.o. As the name would suggest, the bands used horrific imagery and barely-stable live show to win over thousands of fans via nonstop touring and a steady release schedule. Then, they went away.

Well, Murder City is back with a new album that picks up where the band left off. Sorta.  It sounds like a natural progression, yes, but it has a frenetic energy that feels like it’s on the verge of going off the rails.  That very threat/promise is what makes Murder City potent.  This album is a rough & tumble homecoming for one the coolest rock & roll killing machines of the last 15 years.  If you love The Stooges, MC5, The Cramps, and the like…get your greasy mits on this.





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