Press Release: Visionary Company Seeking Genre Content, Fies Named VP of Programming

Press Release: Visionary Company Seeking Genre Content, Fies Named VP of Programming

I’m a huge fan of writer/director/ world kickass-er Elisabeth Fies. Not one to just sit idly by while the works of indie filmmakers get swept under the rug, she started a monthly film fest in her home city of Los Angeles (Bleedfest) to showcase the works of dedicated filmmakers. Because of her efforts, I am proud to announce her hiring as the VP of Programming for an amibitious distribution company created by and for independent filmmakers.

Full details concerning her role and the company itself can be found below.

Indie filmmaker Elisabeth Fies has been appointed Vice President of Programming for Bijou Studios LLC, a new distribution force made by and for independent filmmakers. Nic Brown co-founder for Bijou states “We are very concerned about the outlets for independent cinema, so we took matters into our own hands”.
Bijou Studios will have a soft launch late February streaming independent genre movies, with a cable and VOD launch scheduled for summer 2011. Four films will receive a midwest theatrical release under the Bijou brand. Fies is the writer/director of acclaimed edgy feature THE COMMUNE. Lis, along with her producing partner and sister Brenda Fies, founded the monthly female genre film festival BleedFest in Los Angeles. Select BleedFest winners will be offered a first look distribution deal with Bijou Studios, and upcoming partnerships include a half hour anthology series of BleedFest shorts hosted by Fies with filmmaker interviews.
“Lis brings a sense of vibrancy and passion to this role” say Bill Dever one of the seven co-founders of Bijou “Her passion for alternative visions is not to be matched”.
Bijou’s programming mandate includes cutting edge indies, feminist films, filmmakers of underrepresented races, foreign pictures, erotica, historical B Movies, and well-produced genre titles with high production values. The focus of Bijou Studios is to artistically and financially partner with filmmakers to mutual benefit, to provide the public with the best of current underground cinema and an education about the movement’s rich past, and to add to the advancement of cinema. Bold thinking, outsider point of views are welcomed and encouraged.
More information and the contact form are available at:
Bijou Studios is a collective of seasoned industry veterans. Their industry experience includes founding film festivals, producing and directing feature films, owning theatres and almost twenty years of expertise in developing interactive media strategies for managed service providers and interactive television services. Core team members include genre journalist Nic Brown, Indie Producer Bill Dever, filmmakers Brenda Fies and Mark Poole, exhibition expert Mark Burchett, production veteran and UC professor Zach Riggins. The advisory team assembled includes Wall Street investment experts, technology gurus, former Hollywood studio executives, and genre movie legends.

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