Pragmatism Need Not Apply: A Review of ‘Creature’

Pragmatism Need Not Apply: A Review of ‘Creature’

What does one expect from a film entitled Creature? Probably something similar to what I expected from Shark Night 3D, but a little gorier and a little more entertaining. There’s truth in my assumption (or yours) but it still doesn’t make Creature a wholly enjoyable experience, in fact, it just makes it a barely watchable film. I hardly feel the need to bash or hate on Creature, but be warned, this is not a well-made or a well-crafted film, and it’s absurd in just about every way. Unlike films such as Hatchet or Hobo With a Shotgun who pride themselves on the absurd and make fun of the tropes inherent in their genres, Creature uses its tropes in a way that’s meant to be comedic, but comes off rather flat.

The film starts out with an attractive female disrobing by the swamp (yeah, figure that out) so that she can swim naked in the bayou. There is a lack of logic within this film and time after time, the characters make pointless, cliché choices. This would totally work if it was funny, but the humor was lost on me, if that’s the case. After the naked woman becomes eaten by some creature (haha) we cut to 6 college students/military individuals who are on their way to New Orleans. They stop at a gas station in which the always wonderful Sid Haig runs (well, not him technically, I mean his character) along with his backwoods protégés (sigh). The main protagonist finds a paper which showcases an old house that was once inhabited, supposedly, by “Lock Jaw”. Lock Jaw is a whole, rather interesting backstory that I won’t divulge because it’s rather lengthy (it does involve incest). The kid asks if the house is still around, Sid Haig says it is, and the kids take off to go find it.

There is nothing wrong with the overall plot and story to the film. It’s actually rather engrossing to an extent; I enjoy stories of lost love (Dracula) and crazy mutants. I like those basic human elements thrown in because it speaks to something primal about us, as a race. What throws this movie off, is the stupidity of the characters and some very bizarre FUCKING situations. There is a good amount of incest in Creature and not all of it is funny, or any of it for that matter. At one point, when the kids are camping in the swamp (I know, right?), one of the couples takes off to (ahem) consummate their love (yeah, in the middle of the swamp-woods). The “main” character (I don’t care about names for this review) follows them to take pictures of them as they have sex. He starts masturbating, and in mid-jerk, his sister comes up from behind him and begins jerking him off so that he can take pictures. After he is “done”, she asks if she is going to get any pleasure…WHAT? I was confused and put off by the whole thing, not disgusted per se, but more annoyed that someone thought that would be a funny bit.

There’s a healthy amount of nudity in Creature, enough to save the movie from being a complete failure. As juvenile as that sound, it means something when a film like this is going for the ridiculous. There’s some juicy gore in Creature as well, though not spectacular or in large quantities, it’s just enough to get by. The creature itself is a decent throwback to the old rubber suit monsters from the 50s and 60s and he his look is fitting for the movie.

Everything that makes Creature enjoyable is put off by bad acting, poor writing, an unnecessary amount of incestuous humor/storytelling, and the lack of basic logic from the situations presented. Like Shawn Savage said (he liked it more than I did, respectfully), this film will find an audience, and it may (my words) have been better as a SyFy film. It might be fun to get drunk with some friends and watch this; the laughs might actually come out then. I am curious to see if they will release an Unrated cut in the future, I would like to check that out. In the end, it’s not a great film and it’s really hard to recommend this because I personally did not find it enjoyable. There will be people out there, who will like this, but not I. I have zero feelings of hatred towards Creature, they tried, they distributed it (with an unfortunate outcome though), and they just wanted people to have fun. I can respect them for that.

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Creature is not a film to hate by any means but it is one that fails under the weight of senseless direction and awkward situations.

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