Podcast: Episode 42- Fuccbois!!!!

Podcast: Episode 42- Fuccbois!!!!

Finally! The boys HAVE COME BACK TO…the internet? I guess? At any rate, we’ve got life moving in the direction necessary to get back on the mic, and we’re glad to do it.  Join us for 2 hours of nonsense. We catch up on life, we talk about how dumb politics are (while talking about them at length), we work on our John Laurinaitis sex impressions & we look back on the undeniable career of Wes Craven. Plus, there’s lots of other stupid shit that’s bound to irritate you.

This new episode also introduces our new sponsor: Doc Stanley’s Beard Care.  They’re a company offering all natural organic haircare products for those of you sporting beards and mustaches.  They’re great people making old school quality products.  Visit the fine Doc Stanley’s folks at www.docstanleysbeardcare.com TODAY!

Oh, and as always, come cuss at us on twitter:  @wesbloodsprayer @mattbadfriend @bloodsprayerpod



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