Podcast: Episode 22 – Carl Yorke (Star Of Cannibal Holocaust)

Podcast: Episode 22 – Carl Yorke (Star Of Cannibal Holocaust)

Episode 22 has arrived! Our guest this week is actor Carl Yorke. Carl’s done it and seen all there is to see in the movie industry.  To our fans, he’s most well known for his star turn in THE cannibal flick to end all cannibal flicks, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!!! In this conversation, we learn about Carl’s upbringing in a show biz family and how that lead him to the stage & screen. We talk about the jungle, his relationship with Robin Williams, and even get a glimpse into Carl’s immense wealth of baseball knowledge.  Mr. Yorke was very candid and honest about every aspect of his career and only increased the respect we already had for him.  Enjoy this one…it’s a great conversation!

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