New Art Prints by Phantom City Creative inspired by Director Robert Wise!

New Art Prints by Phantom City Creative inspired by Director Robert Wise!

You might remember Phantom City Creative from our awesome interview with them back in December (if not, definitely check it out). Since then Erickson and Reynolds have been hard at work on their next series of art prints. Here’s a snippet from the studio’s press release:

“The series features artwork inspired by three of our favourite films from famed American Oscar-winning director Robert Wise. Although known mostly for his musicals such as West Side Story, Wise also had an impressive collection of horror and science-fiction titles to his credit. We chose to highlight 1945’s THE BODY SNATCHER featuring horror royalty Boris Karloff, 1963’s haunted house masterpiece THE HAUNTING and 1971’s alien virus sci-fi thriller THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN.”

Just take a look at these beauties! Who wouldn’t want a mug like Karloff’s hanging in their studio apartment or home? At only $30 apiece ($75 for the whole set), each art print is a limited edition of 113 and comes on 11×17 sundance felt text 80lbs paper. They are also hand signed/numbered.

For a limited time you can get 15% off your next purchase by entering the discount code GRAVEDIGGER.

All Artwork © Copyright Phantom City Creative

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