One of the Best Horror Music Videos You’ve Possibly Never Seen!

One of the Best Horror Music Videos You’ve Possibly Never Seen!

I like to see creepy kids busting up cars, chopping off each others hands, carrying around dead dogs and reminding me “We Are All Going To Hell”. Back in 2003 Spike Jonze and Yeah Yeah Yeahs made all my dreams come true.

The video in question is for “Y Control”, the fourth and final single from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs breakout album “Fever To Tell”. At the time Jonze and lead singer of YYY, Karen O were dating.  Karen O and Spike Jonze split in 2005, but still collaborate frequently. This past  year Karen O provided the soundtrack for Jonze’ critically acclaimed “Where The Wild Things Are”.  At the time of “Y Control” Jonze was best known  for being one of the co-creators of MTV’s Jackass,  directing Being John Malkovich and also Adaption. Not to mention he had been directing music videos for almost 10 years, having taken on Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” and Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. “Y Control” was a decidedly darker departure for Jonze.

The video was of course instantly controversial for it’s scenes of homicidal debauchery featuring children. Watch closely to catch each comically grotesque nuance, especially the stomach cutting/gut pulling scene.  Depending on where your musical tastes lie there’s a good chance you missed this video, but it‘s never too late. Where else will you find child vampirism, pipe beatings and tons of middle fingers? Don’t let me just spell it out for you, take a chance and watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Y Control” directed by Spike Jonze.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs \”Y Control\” directed by Spike Jonze

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  1. LOVE the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! And Y Control happens to be one of my fav songs. Good lyrics too!


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