On This Momentous Evening…

On This Momentous Evening…

I don’t have to tell you what’s happening tonight at midnight because we’re all more than aware of it.  The Avengers is bound to be a record breaking juggernaut that will play for the next several months on screens all across the planet.  If you’re feeling as if you’re much too excited about it, don’t…because you certainly should be!  The Avengers is going to be one the pinnacle moments in geek culture.  The culmination of several years, several films, and several million dollars has lead to this awesome event about to take place.  It’s a pretty exciting thing to have happen  in our generation.

Now, normally, we don’t delve too far into this area of town because The Blood Sprayer generally sticks to the perversions of the past and weirdness of the present/future.  I’m assuming our resident comic book warrior, Ryan, will be sharing his thoughts on the film but as stated previously, we haven’t ventured too far into that area. But, we still LOVE these movies.  So, I guess this begs the question:  Why the hell am I bothering to bring it up?  Well, because I think The Avengers is a part of a bigger thing…

In our lifetime, we’ve seen some fantastic things translated to film that years ago was never thought possible.  Consider Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings films, or perhaps the groundbreaking technology utilized in The Matrix films, and for that matter, how about the fact that in our lifetime we saw The Watchmen turned into a friggin’ movie?!  As a kid, did you ever actually think you’d get to see Freddy vs. Jason become a reality? I sure as hell didn’t.  Also, regardless of opinion, The Transformers movies did the same for lots of people.  That’s pretty incredible stuff!  2 of those aforementioned films were based on books (yes, The Watchmen counts) that seemed like a pipe dream when I was a kid, in terms of, making the movie crossover-but it HAPPENED.  Now, we’re going to follow up a string of  awesome comic book-inspired films with the mother of them all: The Avengers.  In doing so, it’s helping cement our generation’s legacy in the history of  big movies.  Pretty damn cool, huh?  THAT’S where it all becomes a part of “The Big Picture”-evoking the spirit of filmgoers.   The same spirit evoked by Walt Disney, Roger Corman, Steven Spielberg, hell, even Ed Wood is the same spirit that will make The Avengers the thrill it’s going to be.  That spirit keeps us young.  It keeps us engrossed.  We don’t want to ever lose that because when we do, the shitty hip-hop star/socialite couples win.  For 2 hours, those wretched pop culture dick warts do not get the spotlight.  Your imagination does.  And it fucking deserves it.

Though I won’t be there tonight at midnight with my anticipatory, nostalgic brethren (We have our tickets for Saturday so we can attend as a family), know that I and the rest of The Blood Sprayers are as excited about this movie (or at least what it represents) as you.  As I said earlier, it’s not necessarily our area of expertise to cover but we still LOVE being a part of this world with all of you.  Seeing the comic books and toys you loved as a child come to life is captivating.  Like I said, it’s keeping us young.  These are the types of events that allow us to create memories.  Whether it’s you going with all your friends or in my case, a father taking his son, movies are our imagination realized.  Fortunately for us, it’s on this large of a scale that the entire world gets to take part in it.

Monsters, Superheroes, Aliens, Zombies, Robots, Mythological Deities, whatever the case…they’re all pieces of our hearts and brains that continually drive us to keep going and paying hard earned money for the experience.  Please keep indulging in that experience.  Lie all the shitty aspects of the real world to rest for a few hours and dissolve into it.  When I’m doing the same with my wife, son, and unborn child (yep, another Blood Sprayer is on the way!) I’ll be thinking of all of you who love the unknown beings from other worlds as much as I do.

So, enjoy The Avengers (as you did with The Cabin In The Woods last month and will do with The Dark Knight Rises very soon) this weekend.  Enjoy the memories your making taking part in a great movie moment and we’ll see you guys on the other side!

… okay, most likely to tell you about some creepy pervert drive-in film from 1974, but hey, we’ll see ya’ either way!!


Stay Filthy-




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  1. Well said! While this recent trend has certainly produced its share of terrible adaptations for source material that deserved far better (cough Transformers cough), we’re also firmly entrenched in an era where it seems possible to bring almost anything you’d ever want to the big screen. And that, for me, is pretty damn exciting.

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