Oh. My. God-zirra.

Oh.  My.  God-zirra.

godzilla humpJust when you thought that it was safe. You were sure that after the 1998 US version of Godzilla everything would be okay. The studios seemed to be scared of another critical failure and Godzilla stayed in Japan where he belonged. 1998 godzillaWe didn’t have to worry about another giant lizard roaming NYC pretending to be Godzilla when he clearly didn’t look like him. All seemed well.

Then something happened. Cloverfield happened. It showed us that a giant monster movie could be made and it could be done well.  We also saw a rise in 3-D movies and you know that somewhere, somebody thought that a 3-D Godzilla was just what we needed.

So far the only details are that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have inked a deal with Toho to bring the scale covered giant back to the US. There are currently no writers or directors attached to the film but the studios are shooting for a 2012 release date. That can only mean that it will be one sloppy, CGI filled, 3-D rush job. Warner Bros., I pray that you prove me wrong.

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