Classic slasher style and unfortunately, classic slasher shortcomings.


Nobody Gets Out Alive, the latest from Image Entertainment, shoots for the tried and true slasher plot. Something terrible happens. Years later, the story is told of the victim of the horrible incident. HE STALKS THESE WOODS TODAY! And it turns out he actually does. Kids die off one by one, and someone survives and kills the killer. I honestly can’t even give you more specifics, because it’s that generic.


Where the film succeeds is in its casting (of only a few characters,) and cinematography. While some characters were portrayed brilliantly, others fell short. The cinematography however, was near perfect. Usually when I’m given something to view that I don’t enjoy, I have a hard time seeing anything good about it. Several times during the movie I actually said “Wow” out loud. In a good way.


So although the film was shot well, the lame attempts at humor, and persistent harassment of one character who never really did anything wrong, rubbed me the wrong way. Remember all those guys who thought they were funny, but they were really just dicks? This film made those guys lead characters. Sorry. I just don’t get it.


Oh yeah. If you want to say you’re paying your respects to the genre, at least be ballsy like those pioneers were. Do an extreme effect. They did it in the 70s, and even though you can tell it’s not real, they went for it. They jam-packed it with gore. Not a little blood splash here and there.


If you want to watch a relatively generic slasher flick that pays homage to some of the worst films the 70s and 80s had to offer, pick up Nobody Gets Out Alive. Otherwise, wait for something good.

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