Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Performance is Part of Her Horror Film

Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Performance is Part of Her Horror Film

Part of me feels like I should avoid this topic all together. Part of me feels like I should warn all of you about what is “in the works”.



Nicki Minaj’s highly confusing, highly uninspired and poorly executed Grammy performance left a lot of people scratching their heads.

“I don’t know what is the big issue? You know how people write plays and movies? That’s what I did. I wrote that and I gave the world a tiny little preview of what was to come. And so I have to perform it on the set in which it would be in the movie, right?” said Minaj. The comments were made by Minaj on Wednesday night at an event for Viva Glam MAC cosmetics.

Minaj, walked down the red carpet dressed in an over sized red robe with a man dressed as a pope at her side. According to Minaj, her performance, which featured a film clip, was partly inspired by the 1973 movie “The Exorcist”.

For those of you who missed it, you missed a train wreck. I will not recommend that you watch the video of her performance, it was once of the worst things that I have put into my ears. And if what she said is true, if this is a small glimpse into the movie that she is writing/directing/producing/whatever then we are about to witness the second coming of Uwe Boll.







Watch the video here.

Read the AP story here.

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