Nice Marmot! Burlesque Starlet Clams Casino Returns with a NYC Tribute to THE BIG LEBOWSKI

Nice Marmot! Burlesque Starlet Clams Casino Returns with a NYC Tribute to THE BIG LEBOWSKI

Any sleazy cinephile worth their weight in Betamax tapes has a sweet spot for Donnie, Walter, and of course, the Dude. The Coen Brothers cult hit The Big Lebowski seems to transcend genres and unite midnight movie goers regardless of their tastes in cinema. To celebrate this celluloid achievement burlesque starlet Clams Casino plans to shake and shimmy the night away in the Big Apple at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan.

Here’s the Official Press Release:

NYC’s favorite burlesque duo brings you a tribute to the one and only Dude himself. Coming to Joe’s Pub, Friday February 24th at 11:30pm, The Sticky Situation brings you It Really Ties The Room Together Burlesque: A Tribute to The Big Lebowski.

It’ll be a night of  mistaken identities, kidnapping, handsome strangers, bowling references and shut up Donnys, complete with a White Russian drink special!  This is no acid tripping dream sequence.  This is real people!

Believe me, you want to just drop in to what condition Joe’s Pub’s condition is in on February 24th, when stars like Adam RealMan, Amber Ray, Anita Cookie, Chris McDaniel, Clams Casino, Hard Cory, Gal Friday, and Runaround Sue will perform to an eclectic soundtrack, all for one reason only. Because the rug really ties the room together, man!

Clams and company have celebrated other films with their tribute to Bruce Campbell and the eternal glory of John Hughes and John Carpenter. Their past shows prove that this will be a helluva a good time and will sell out quickly.

Visit Joe’s Pub online to reserve your tickets today!


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