New Trailer for Voodoo Rising

New Trailer for Voodoo Rising

Voodoo RisingVoodoo Rising is the latest project currently in post-production by Fright Teck Pictures.

Written and directed by Eddie Lengyel (Hellweek), the story follows a group of friends who decide to spend their last summer together by taking a trip to the rural camping destination “Black Hills”. Upon arrival, Peyton (April Needham) begins to suspect that there is more to the inhabitants of the town then meets the eye. Before her suspicions can be addressed, she is attacked and nearly raped by one of the townspeople. Enraged, the others make it their goal to defend her and, in the midst of confrontation, mistakenly murder an innocent man. In an attempt to hide their secret, the group decides to dispose of the body and leave town. However their plan proves unsuccessful and they are discovered, leading to their capture and eventual trial. Deemed guilty by the people of “Black Hill”, the kids are sentenced to death. Scared for their lives, several of the friends attempt to fight back against the town. But little do the remaining campers know that there are dark forces at work in the desolate woods of “Black Hills”.

Voodoo Rising stars Brenna Roth (Poultrygeist), April Needham (Hellweek), Mark Cray and “Scream Queer” William Roger Conners (Hellementary: An Education in Death).

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  1. I hope this is monumentally better than Hellweek, otherwise I may have to rape a baby seal.

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