New Nightmare Writer for Final Destination 5

New Nightmare Writer for Final Destination 5

Eric Heisserer Final Destination 5 is coming and you can bet that it will be full of teens being killed off by seemingly harmless objects. Who knew that you could die in a tanning bed?

Eric Heisserer is currently writing the new Final Destination film as well as The Thing prequel. You can also catch his take on The Nightmare on Elm Street when it hits theaters at the end of this month. Being touted as the go-to guy when comes to reinventing established franchises, New Line is hoping that Heisserer will put a fresh spin on the Destination series.

The Final Destination franchise has always been considered profitable. They film with a modest budget and usually have a mid $50 million domestic return. However, Final Destination 4 was intended to be the last film in the franchise due to production problems, re-shoots and being panned by critics. But its domestic box office ($66 million) and international success only meant that this train wouldn’t stop.

New Line is currently in search of a director capable of leading a fast 3-D production that can deliver a film ready for release for next year.

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