Movies To Watch In 2014: Witching And Bitching

Movies To Watch In 2014: Witching And Bitching

witchposterDirector and co-writer of Witching And Bitching, Alex de la Iglesia, grabbed moviegoers by the short hairs a few years back with his freakshow (no pun intended) The Last Circus.  While he has tons of credits to his name, The Last Circus was the scorcher that proved Iglesia was no joke.  It also ensured he’d be on the radar of a lot of folks looking for more of that darkly comedic chaos.  Well…apparently, 2014 is when the wait ends.  Witching And Bitching is here.

The film (which made it’s debut in its home Spanish market last year) continues down that black comedy/horror path Iglesia has perfected.  It’s the story of 2 unemployed gentlemen who commit a robbery.  While on the run from the authorities and one crazy ex-wife, they end up in dense endless forest that happens to be the dwelling of a vicious, cannibalistic witch coven.  Yeah.  You know what’s going to go down.  The film will release via IFC Midnight in theatres and VOD this year, as well as an expected blu-ray/DVD release.  Check out the trailer below:





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