Movies To Watch In 2014: Haunted House On Sorority Row

Movies To Watch In 2014: Haunted House On Sorority Row

hauntedposterThere a few things in this world I genuinely look forward to:  Tasting a new beer, putting on a new record for the first time, seeing my wife & kids after a long day, a good plate of BBQ, and Henrique Couto’s movies are the contents of that list.  With last year’s release of Babysitter Massacre (which we loved so much is was our favorite movie of 2013!), Henrique proved one thing:  He had OFFICIALLY crossed over from good to great filmmaker.  In addition to Babysitter Massacre, Couto released a FAMILY film…that’s right, a family film (diversity makes for a great filmmaker, kids)…and has been on fire ever since.

The one that really gets our juices flowin’ is the upcoming film Haunted House On Sorority Row.  Starring Erin R. Ryan and Joni Durian (Babysitter Massacre alumnists), the story is described as this (via the official Haunted House On Sorority Row Facebook Page):

A fledgling sorority has just purchased their new home, but the inexpensive beat up house has a history no one could imagine. Now as they move in and continue their college lives something evil is making itself known by affecting their minds… and bodies.

For Ohio residents, the movie makes its premiere Friday at the Englewood Cinema in Englewood, Ohio at 10:00 pm.  To wet your appetite, check out the trailer below:



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