Morris County: A Punishing Look At Americana (Beneath The Underground Films)

Morris County: A Punishing Look At Americana (Beneath The Underground Films)

morrisposterThere’s a rare pulse beating in Matthew Garrett’s Morris County.  It’s one that doesn’t rely on rehashed concepts from its forefathers.  Rather, the miserable real world is the canvas upon which this story is painted.  In Morris County, we examine 3 stories about the toiling white noise that deconstructs suburban existence.  Its contents are morose.  They’re painful.  But ultimately, they’re realistic and that reality comes with dire consequences.  (In an effort to not reveal spoilers, I’ve chosen to keep my descriptions of the films’ subjects brief-Ed.)

-In the first installment, ELLIE, we spend a day with a young lady who’s on a terror path.  She’s living  recklessly.  To a point, it seems almost too reckless.  Like someone with a nihilistic result in mind.  Little did we know that Ellie is holding a secret back that is plaguing her. The finale is heartbreaking.

-Section 2 is entitled THE FAMILY RUBIN.  This is a peek into the emotionally crippled family structure.  3 people, all of blood attachment, all sociopaths.  Their darkest traits will intersect and you WILL be witness to it.

-And the final chapter,  ELMER & IRIS, is a beautiful albeit painful tale of the life of a retired couple.  In life and death, they are destined to stay together…no matter how repulsive the outcome.

saddudeIn short, Morris County is incredible.  Director Matthew Garrett wasn’t concerned with monsters of  the mythical world.  Instead, he focused on the harsh realities of the real world.  Those realities carry so much emotional weight, you’re hard pressed to find a moment in Morris County that isn’t arduous to watch.  Thids is the strength of this movie is summation!  It’s not easy to watch.  It’s not meant to be sexy or sensationalizing.  If anything, it serves as a reminder that the kids aren’t alright.  Each character aches with longing, regret, sadness, anxiety…each on the verge of unraveling.  As each chapter advances, Morris County builds strength.  The performances aren’t understated, rather, they’re slow burning.  They dig into the wound.  You feel each strike.  As individuals they’re powerful, but as one?  Goddamn crushing.

Morris County is an independent feature worth every dime you’ll spend on it…and you should spend some dimes on it.  The performances are superb.  And I mean superb.  They exceed the average indie feature.  Production wise, everything is evenly handled.  Sound, lighting, and color are all clean.  The editing was obviously handled with care.  And though there aren’t tons of effects, the ones that are used are really strong.  They make a far greater impact by being used sparingly.  If you were ever a fan of Douglas Buck’s Family Portraits, then expect yourself to bowled over by Morris County.  It has that same calculated menace, but is far more effective on an emotional level, as it maintains its potency all the way through.

With the advent of Beneath The Underground Films, the world is no longer safe.  Morris County is the first example of (hopefully) many releases to come.  The underground has come to claim it’s throne and Morris County is leading the charge.  This movie is not to be fucked with.  The Blood Sprayer stamp of approval is proudly applied to this sucker!  WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

For more information on how you can watch Morris County onDemand, visit the BTU website.



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