Monsters of the Midwest: Stephen Vincent and Monster King Productions Bring the Awesome to the Gruesome

Monsters of the Midwest: Stephen Vincent and Monster King Productions Bring the Awesome to the Gruesome

So many horror fans are out there looking for new wares to publicly display their love of the things that bleed and growl.  Well, you’ve got a new place to look and that place is in Flint, Michigan.  This would be the home of Stephen Vincent and his Monster King Productions. 

Monster King Productions is responsible for quality, original horror merchandise.  Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or hell, even a piggy bank, you’ll find it here with Mr. Vincent.  The products adorning his artwork have their own originality that seems to crossbreed classic Famous Monsters-type ideas with Electric Frankenstein/sleazy rock and roll imagery.  The combination results in some really cool stuff that has made a fan out of me, and now in turn, will do the same with you.  In fact, I’m so confident that it will, I asked The Monster King himself to give us a custom piece of artwork to give away on The Blood Sprayer…and he did!!!  So, please take a look at the a few pieces of his merch, and hit him up over at but before that, scroll down and have a look-see at a few cool pieces he has to offer.  Then, leave a comment answering the question at the bottom and win a custom painting done exclusively for The Blood Sprayer!!!

3d shirt

3rd “Die”-mension (3-D Zombie shirt) $20.00-Alright, so this shirt is a personal favorite of mine.  Not only does it pay homage to that Romero-esque, EC Comics sort of zombie action, but it also reminisces about the beginnings of 3-D with the good ol’ blue and red glasses…and yes, this shirt DOES work as a 3-d image!!!  Classically awesome zombie fun to not be missed

gnome bag

“Gnombie Snack” Hand-Painted Tote $35.00-What’s better than a garden gnome and a cat?  Well, how about a zombie gnome prepping to feast on a cat’s brain?! I don’t need to understand the premise of the theme to find it hilarious-and you’re girl’s gonna be seriously impressed when you present here with a custom-made tote bag as a gift…trust me.


Pygee Custom Hand-Painted $30.00-Perhaps one of the most original ideas I’ve seen come from a horror merchandise site, these hand-painted piggy banks aren’t going to be found anywhere else.  The detail and care put into these little guys are unmatched and you’ll find yourself one step ahead in the quest to own more cool horror stuff than your friends…plus, what better place is there to keep your collection of eyelids you’ve accumulated from your victims, right?

Alright, so now your interest is picqued.  What could we do to really push you over the edge with excitement?  Hmm…let’s give you a chance to win this exclusive painting for The Blood Sprayer readers…

odd couple

Entitled “Experiment A: The Odd Couple”, this original piece was done on a 9×12 canvas with acrylics and ink.  It’s got us drooling with envy and YOU get a stab at winning this sucker!!!  All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this article answering the following question:

*Clu Gulager of “Return of The Living Dead” has a son named John, who’s a filmmaker.  What’s the title of John’s first feature film?* 

Alright, answer down here and win a this brilliant painting from Monster King Productions, done exclusively for The Blood Sprayer readers!!!

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  2. That would be “Feast” (2005).

  3. I love his work and its great to see that he is starting to expand and more and more people get to see his talent

  4. Feast

    wooooo! Gimme that fffoyn zombie painting.

  5. “Feast”

    Hope I get selected!

  6. feast

    brandon "big daddy"thomas September 3, 2010 at 3:43 AM
  7. “Feast”

  8. Feast which I loved! I thought the sequels sucked 🙁

    Jennifer Williams September 3, 2010 at 7:14 AM
  9. Feast

  10. The film is “FEAST”. Thanks.

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