Monster Mania 19 Video Coverage: Q & A with “Behind the Mask’s” Nathan Baesel

Monster Mania 19 Video Coverage: Q & A with “Behind the Mask’s” Nathan Baesel

Meeting Nathan Baesel was probably the biggest moment for me at Monster Mania. Why? Because Behind the Mask means a good deal to me for reasons that are hard to articulate properly. It’s a type of film that goes beyond just being a “good” movie, it strikes a nerve that makes me feel “connected” or emotionally involved. Sure, Nathan is not completely responsible for all the amazing things in Behind the Mask but he helped, and he represents that film as a whole (to me). I’ll talk more about my meeting with Nathan in later posts, but I will say this, he was the most humble and friendly actor there who expressed nothing but gratitude to his fans. If you ever get a chance to meet him, don’t pass it up.

Oh right, there are videos for me to post as well! As part of the ongoing campaign to get the sequel to Behind the Mask made, Nathan came out to Monster Mania to talk about the upcoming project and how the fans can help. He did a “Q & A” panel moderated by the wonderful Kristy Jett (BloodSprayer veteran and Fright Rags spokesperson/employee) and filled everyone in on the struggles of the first film as well as giving some hints to the plot of Before the Mask. He talked about his life and opened up an entire personal world that the horror community has never seen. This panel is something that everyone needs to watch and “share”.

Sorry for the poor quality and the shaky camera but it’s hard holding one of those Flip Cameras for 40 minutes.

So there you have it, Nathan filling us in on every detail that he was allowed to talk about. Be a fan and go over to the Before the Mask’s website and reserve a copy of the new film today. You can only order a poster if you want, just give what you can. This movie needs to be made.

Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon Facebook Page

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