Monster Mania 19 Coverage: Day 3 (Final Thoughts)

Monster Mania 19 Coverage: Day 3 (Final Thoughts)

The last day at Monster Mania was solemn. I got up before everyone else, took a shower, and headed downstairs for some breakfast. I got a coffee and bagel at the coffee shop downstairs where I sat at a table watching people beginning to enter for the day. I envied them, I wanted to wait on line again for certain actors, and I wanted to experience Monster Mania all over again. It wasn’t fair that I had to leave but I had a great time and couldn’t ask for anything else. I made my way to the Fright Rags table and hung out with Kristy Jett for awhile, enjoying the quietness of the vendor area before everyone woke up. John texted me and I went back to the lobby to wait for him, we both looked tired and sad after having completed our weekend. We knew things were going to be horrible for us when we went back to work on Monday (we work together) but we didn’t let that get us down completely. We made one last pass through the vendors and tried to get rid of all our money but soon it was time to head out. We grabbed our bags and headed to the elevator where we were greeted by Danielle Harris’ presence. Funny how just the day before I was holding her hand and now she was literally rubbing elbows with me. We exited and made for the car, which was the last I saw of Monster Mania 19.

My time at Monster Mania was absolutely amazing. Actors aside, the people who I roomed with are like family to me and we really bonded over the course of the weekend. We didn’t fight or act shitty, we just wanted to have a good time and I couldn’t be more happy with everyone that came. I would like to thank Tommy Squires for letting me stay in a room he paid for and not charging me a dime for it. Barbara Squires took the role as mother for all of us (well, John and Chris already have that) and made sure we were always doing alright. I love each and every one of them.

When I showed up the first day with John and company, I was scared that I wouldn’t fit in or that I was going to be cast out. I didn’t know anyone as much as John did so I was nervous in being some sort of third wheel. These people accepted me though and let me into their wonderfully gory lives. I love the horror community because it welcomes all with open arms and asks them to sit and watch a movie with them. People dress up because they love horror, movies, or video games. They don’t have to make money or sign autographs, they just want to have fun and entertain those around them. I didn’t want it to end, no one treated me like shit, it was one of the only places that I ever felt like I could be myself.

There were no fights between convention goers as far as I could tell and all the actors were approachable. It was a huge family that all loved this geeky stuff and wanted to talk about it all day. Also, where could I pretty much drink all day and not be called an alcoholic? Monster Mania was an amazing time for me, I am planning on going back so I can spend all my money and meet these wonderful people. I met some great characters on my journey and look forward to strengthening my relationship with them. MORE PICTURES!

 John and I playing footsie!

Kristy and myself!

Jes in her Chucky outfit, Alex Vincent loved it!

Jen’s so pretty!

So yeah, I loved it.

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