Monster Mania 19 Coverage: Day 2 (Nirvana)

Monster Mania 19 Coverage: Day 2 (Nirvana)

The first day, though it began in a shaky fashion, was a wonderful start to the weekend. Meeting Tony Todd and Joe Turkel on the first night got me excited to meet the rest of the actors who I wanted to see. I don’t know about you guys, but I get all kinds of nervous when I meet these people. I know they’re just flesh and bone, but I can’t stop blabbering about nothing when I get to their table. It’s funny though, the celebrities I met who were not behind their table were easier to talk to. Maybe it’s the table….

We got up rather late, I went downstairs to get a coffee/sandwich combo meal and I wound up on line with Terry Callen of Screaming Brain Studio. I met Terry the night before and let’s just say we look like brothers; we also have the same sense of demented humor that increases with vulgarity after a couple of drinks. We got our food and went our separate ways for the morning, but I knew I would see him again. I was actually awaiting a text from The BloodSprayer’s own James Harris, he told me he was going to pop by the convention for a few hours and that should meet up when he did. I invited him up to our room when I got his text. Most of the people I write with I have never met in person, so it was a great experience to meet James outside the context of the Internet. If you don’t know, James has an awesome Grindhouse tattoo:

Sweet, right? John, Chris, James, and myself took a picture together to show everyone how sexy and manly we are:

We headed downstairs to start our day of meeting famous people and buying plenty of things that we don’t need. We first headed to the Fright Rags table where we hung out with Kristy Jett for awhile and company owner, Ben Scrivens. Kristy let us know that Nathan Baesel was in the house and was at his table signing autographs. I froze with excitement, Nathan Baesel plays Leslie Vernon in Behind the Mask and I consider it to be one of my favorite horror films. He was the reason why I decided to go to Monster Mania. I made my way into the first signing room and approached his table with my Blu Ray copy of Behind the Mask in my hand. From the moment I started to talk to him, I knew that he was unsure of how to deal with all the attention. If you don’t know, this was Nathan’s first convention, or first time where he really got to meet his fans.

He was charging $10 dollars to get an item you brought signed and $20 for a signed 8 x 10. I gave him my $10 to sign my Blu and while he was talking to me, I told him that I pre-ordered the next movie. You see, the sequel to Behind the Mask is trying to get made and if you head over to their site, you can pre-order the movie. By doing this, you are funding the film. So all the money he was getting to sign at Monster Mania, he was putting towards the new movie. When I told him that I pre-ordered Before the Mask, he said to take my $10 dollars back, but I said NO! I wanted to contribute more to the film because if you’re like me, you want this film made and I don’t mind parting with a few more dollars.

A funny thing happened too, after I told him how much the movie meant to me and after he signed my Blu, I went to get a picture with him. Let it be known that I was the most nervous meeting Nathan Baesel, that’s right, even more than the Candyman. Anyways, after walking away from the table, I went to look at my picture with Nathan but it wasn’t recorded on the camera. Turns out, it sort of shutdown while it was saving the shot. I felt awful, I was looking forward to meeting him the most during my time at Monster Mania and I didn’t have any real record of it. Jen suggested that we go back and see if it would be alright to take another picture, I agreed with her. I went back to the table, being even more nervous this time, and asked if I could take a picture again. Nathan didn’t even blink, he got right up and told me I could take as many pictures as necessary. Nathan Baesel may be the greatest actor I have ever met, a humble man who deserves more attention than he is getting.

You can see how red my face is in the picture if you look hard enough.

Paradise Lost? Found it.

Lance Hendriksen was at the convention as well, he was out promoting his new book Not Bad For A Human. I had been meaning to get a copy and what better way to get it than in person with the author/legend. Lance is almost god-like with his prolific acting and being in the business for such a long time. Talking to him was a blast, he was relaxed behind the table and was ready to just chat it up with anyone who approached him. He told me I should review the book, and I think I will at some point. Lance is a sweet guy who showed only affection to his fans, I tip my hat to you sir. It also helps that I am a huge fan of the Alien series, no matter how bad they got.

At this point we decided to take a lunch break and grab some food/drinks at the hotel bar. While there, a man dressed as Freddy Kruegar approached our table and began talking to John Squires. John has known this guy, Chris U, for awhile and he always comes to these conventions dressed as either Freddy, Gene Simmons, or V. He gets into character for the weekend, has his fun, and then on Monday, he is back to his 9 to 5 life. Chris U does what he loves, he entertains:

John Squires and Chris U have been talking about getting a video of Chris U reading Go the Fuck to Sleep as Freddy. They thought of doing this months back but they live 4 hours apart from each other, so it would have been difficult to meet up and film it. Well, seeings how we all were here, John decided that now was the perfect opportunity to record it up in our hotel room. Chris followed us to our room and he read the whole thing in character while doing an improv intro/outro. Head over to Freddy In Space for the actual post but I will link the video here. I am using this media courtesy of John Squires:

At around 4 we headed to the Nathan Baesel Q & A which he was doing do promote the funding of the new movie. You can watch the entire panel here. I don’t have much to say about the panel because it speaks for itself, but Nathan was completely engaging from beginning to end. It was great finally hear him talk about the first movie and open up about his life.

I’m a big fan of Danielle Harris, as are most guys, and it’s not that I’m super attracted to her but she’s so cute that I can’t help but like her. I told myself that if I got to meet Danielle that I would hold her hand for the picture. The line for Harris was about an hour wait all day, showing zero signs of thinning out. After the Baesel Q & A, John and I took a gander at the line and found it to be pretty short. First though, I went with him to meet Sam Trammell of True Blood. I haven’t watched the show, but John is a huge fan, so I thought I would tag along. I shook Sam’s hand but didn’t get a picture (I hardly know him). After that, John and I headed to Danielle’s line and waited for our turn to meet the Scream Queen. I brought my copy of Stake Land, which Danielle said was her first all day. This got me all kinds of happy, I felt like I made some sort of tiny impression. I asked if she would hold my hand for the picture, and she agreed:

 She commented on how nervous I was when she felt my hand!

Danielle seemed pretty tired by the time I asked for her hand (hee hee) but she didn’t act like a jerk, she just seemed ready to go do other things.

Everything closed up pretty quick on Saturday night and we found ourselves back at the bar. This time joined by Kristy Jett and Ben Scrivens. Tony Todd and Ted Raimi were in the bar as well, doing their thing. I wanted to hug Tony Todd so I could tell everyone that I HUGGED the Candyman, but he left before the alcohol gave me enough courage. The night ended for us at about 3:30 a.m. in which we all sat in the lobby drinking beer and telling dirty jokes.

This is what the last night felt like:

Stay tuned for a Part 3 post that will be more reflective less point A to point B!

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  1. Absolutely awesome to meet you guys outside of the internet. You and John are both gentlemen and scholars… well… scholars (don’t want to ruin your image with the whole gentleman thing). When I met Nathan Baesel (and was terrified, shaking like a leaf) I asked him to sign my copy of Rue Morgue. It had an article about the sequel coming out, but he was under the impression it wasn’t in that issue. I looked for it. Couldn’t find it and felt so silly. Here you are standing next to the man who played the most intelligent slasher of our time and boom… you have just made an arse of yourself. Well, turns out the article was in there and he was absolutely the coolest guy about it. Can’t wait for this sequel to get made.

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