Mintz-Plasse Will Play Evil Ed?

Mintz-Plasse Will Play Evil Ed?

Most of us here at The Blood Sprayer have pretty much not been on-board with the current casting decisions regarding Dream Works Fright Night remake. Now we get to add to the ever growing pile of contempt for the film. Here is a rundown of the decisions that have lead us to our letdown.

1.    Colin Farrell.
2.    The film is now set in Vegas.
3.    Speaking of Vegas, Peter Vincent, who was the horror TV show host in the original, will now be a Las Vegas magician in the vein of Criss Angel portrayed by  David Tennant (Doctor Who).

christopher_mintzplasseYou still with me? Feel free to disagree at anytime but I doubt many of you will.

The most recent news is that McLovin will now play the role of Evil Ed. Sources say that based on the current script, Mintz-Plasse is actually a good casting choice because the Evil Ed character is not as ”weird” as in the original. He is more of a comic book, punk rock loving, hyper outcast who has a very Mintz-Plassian sense of humor.

Production begins late summer and will be released by Disney. Yes, Disney.

Source: THR, JoBlo

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3 Responses to “Mintz-Plasse Will Play Evil Ed?”

  1. Nnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!! I’m so sick of the remakes!

  2. Ray Wise should be Peter Vincent and Ray Stevenson should be Danridge.

    And I guess by saying Evil Ed will be less “weird” they mean less “gay” since the original is drenched in with that subtext and it’s awesome for it.

  3. Or Udo Kier as Peter Vincent, holy shit that would be awesome…

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