Midnight Crew Studios’ Call Girl Of Cthulhu Is Asking For YOUR Help!!!

Midnight Crew Studios’ Call Girl Of Cthulhu Is Asking For YOUR Help!!!

cthulhuSome of The Blood Sprayer’s favorite folks, Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George, better known as Midnight Crew Studios are embarking on their next adventure. The Baltimore boys are prepping for their next featured tentatively titled Call Girl Of Cthulhu and they’ve decided to reach out to the horror community and ask that you lend a helping hand.  Here’s are the words from those fine upstanding gentleman themselves:


She’s turning wet dreams… into NIGHTMARES.

Just in time for H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday, Baltimore filmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George are summoning a Kickstarter campaign for their Lovecraft inspired love story/horror comedy, “Call Girl of Cthulhu”. 

SYNOPSIS: A virginal artist falls in love with a call girl who turns out to be the chosen bride of the alien god Cthulhu. To save her, he must stop an ancient cult from summoning their God and destroying mankind.   

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, “Call Girl of Cthulhu” is the result of months of research, aiming to create a gory, fun homage to the master of horror.  

With endless slimy monsters, an ancient cult, and a healthy dose of T & A (tentacles and ass),  writer/director Chris LaMartina and co-writer/producer Jimmy George will need their biggest budget yet. 

If their Kickstarter campaign is successful, “Call Girl of Cthulhu” will be the sixth film from Baltimore based Midnight Crew Studios.  

LaMartina and George’s most recent films, “President’s Day” and “Witch’s Brew” tore up the festival circuit, playing Fargo Fantastic Fest, Fuel the Fear Fest, Killer Film Fest (winning “Best Feature” and “Best Screenplay”), Oklahoma Horror Film Festival, San Diego Horror Film Festival, and Synerfest (winning “Best Feature”) 

“Witch’s Brew” will be released through Media Blasters this August. “President’s Day” will be released early next year through Spy Global Media.

Thank you for your support.

View the Kickstarter video below and as always SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR!!!

*For more information, news, and updates on the film make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  As always, The Blood Sprayer will keep you posted!


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