Men In Black: The Dark Watcher’s (2011) Review

Men In Black: The Dark Watcher’s (2011) Review

Men in Black: The Dark Watcher’s is the latest from Chemical Burn Entertainment that will be dropping on DVD April 10th.  With that in mind, lets get to it.

OK, I’m gonna try and explain this the best that I can. Men In Black (original title by the way) is about a group of English women that are infatuated with UFO’s and go out believing that they will some day catch one on film for the whole world to see. One day they return home and realize that they are missing 4 hours from their day, and have no recollection what happened during that time. So they call their UFO blogger friend who tells them that hundred’s of people are reporting similar time lapses of exactly 4 hours. He then shows them some video he took while interviewing someone who has a black rash starting to spread ever since his incident.  Soon a mysterious man in a black suit begins to watch over the women, never doing or saying anything to them.  That’s when the black rashes begin, and the questions begin.

I wish I could comprehend exactly what was happening, but I have no idea what was being splashed across the screen during the final act.  Little to no dialog was spoken between the three women as they continued to find black rashes over their bodies.  Add to that the mysterious black suited individual who would just stand around, once again doing nothing.  It felt like I was watching a music video that just wouldn’t end.  Then it did, and then there was a 6 minute music video after the credits (which had more plot structure than the feature film).

I must admit that writer/director Phillip Gardner is extremely talented.  The movie looks fantastic and has some cleaver and stylish camera work in it.  It just feels like his movies are all about a style at the expense of plot.  This is the second of his movies I’ve seen, the first one, The Stone, felt very much the same.  Similar to that movie, the star of the show felt like it was the music with occasional 2-3 minutes of continuous music playing while watching the actors get dressed, cleaned up, and eating.

Finally, for you horror buffs out there keep in mind that Men in Black: The Dark Watcher’s is a straight science fiction tale.  No blood, guts, kills, or scares of any type are to be had throughout.  So if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere.  But if you’re into alien abductions and sightings, you may get something out of it.  If you do, please feel free to share.  I’d love to figure out exactly what the hell was going on.

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Director Phillip Gardner is obviously a talented individual when you see his shooting style, but the movie is all style with little plot and a final act that makes no sense (at least to me).

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