Love and Chainsaws: The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 2

Love and Chainsaws: The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 2

Hello again Brothers and Sisters of the Psychotronic Video World! I’m here today with a particularly delectable indie treat for you all.  All y’all motherfuckers know Chainsaw Sally, right? You don’t? Well, to recap, Chainsaw Sally is the brainchild of Jimmyo and April Monique Burril, a fantastically creative couple from Maryland (home state of Don Dohler and John Waters!).

In addition to more cinematic fare like THE GOOD SISTERS, Jimmyo writes and directs a web-series, which his lovely wife April stars in, called “Chainsaw Sally,” following the high-spirited adventures of Sally Daimon, a small-town librarian who moonlights as a homicidal vigilante, meting out death and dismemberment to the perpetrators of crimes as petty as “you parked in my spot.”  She’s aided in these adventures by her brother Ruby, and her adoring pet/sex-slave Busy Bee.

In Season 2, Sally is up to her usual tricks, but now must face down a new rival; the artistically-inclined serial killer known simply as Angel Eyes (Jimmyo Burril, stepping in front of the camera), who has moved into the area and has begun muscling in on Sally’s territory.  Additionally, Ruby has been acting very strange lately, and Sally’s determined to figure out why he’s being weird…er than usual.

No, I’m not going to give you a more detailed synopsis than that! Go buy it, you perverts, and support independent horror-comedy. 

The Burrils are in spectacular form here, and really show off how well they work together as a creative team.  Jimmyo’s writing is too tight to let the viewer’s attention lag, and he strikes a particularly pleasing blend of comedy and grue.  The Burrils don’t limit themselves to one flavor of comedy either — deadpan verbal humor intertwines with slapstick brilliantly, and Mother Pus-Bucket, FINALLY someone gets how to use dramatic irony!

I think my things are the little touches: the wild gleam of sheer glee in Sally’s eyes as she uses a power-sander to bring Bee to orgasm; the faraway sadness in Bee’s eyes as she tells Sally that Ruby isn’t wiping her ass as lovingly as he used to; Angel Eyes’ soft-spoken affability.  This is genius goddamn work coming out of the Burrils’ house.  The DVD even comes with not one, but TWO drinking games for you to play while watching the series! They’re even T&A themed, deviants!

So why haven’t you bought it yet, perverts?

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